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Chronicles of hysterix

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Hello everyone, I have not visited here in a while, as I have been extremely busy.

I have been busy setting up tor services, creating bots, general techno insanity, and last but certainly not least, making dmt and dosing up large amounts of people totally free of charge and compiling their reports into a single collective for the masses to absorb, understand, and digest.

I have turned on dozen of new people to this very site, so we possibly might see a large influx of new people, (you know who you are, feel free to pm with questions if you need) so just be prepared!

This is the calling, there is no other purpose; everything is secondary, the goal is there, it exists, it does not even need to elaborated further upon. After my first dmt experience, I figured it out, and now know what the purpose is; mass consumption and mass conciousness expansion on a global scale.

Without further rambling, the chronicles of hysterix begins.

Weight: over 20 grams


Weight: over 20 grams
-------- My first experience - Dec 08 --------
The first experience I had with dmt was at a friends house (same friend who helped extract). We had just extracted our first batch, divided up our feeble 70ish mg's into four 15mg doses and I was up first as it was my bright idea in the first place! I went into the room by myself, loaded up 15mg inside of a pre-torched brillo pad and packed that into the bowl of the small waterpipe (not bong, was really, really small but not a sherlock either :/). I took a large hit, and immediately felt the effects. So much so I put the pipe down for a moment to see if I went any further. After noticing the trip got no more intense where I was in danger of falling I tried for another hit. I exhaled and felt for a few moments more intensely high than I had ever been off of lsd or mushrooms, but just fleetingly. The extreme speed for which it came on was only matched by the velocity in which it left, leaving me wanting much more. Slight visuals with a defined feeling of 'weird' was about as far as I got. I saw a dark oblong thing take shape and seem to manifest out of a completely blank white wall complete with flashing lights and colours around it a bit and then disappear extremely quickly. (Similar to if you close your eyes after you just looked directly into a bright light bulb and see the outline of the bulb!)

-------- Friends experience - Dec 08 --------
One friend described his slight trip as feelings of being pulled or 'sucked' from behind, like about to be sucked somewhere, but slightly down and from behind! (Not being pushed but pulled) I didn't feel any such thing in any way myself. One friend gets extremely giggly and laughs a whole bunch with modest visuals.
-------- My second experience - Jan 09--------
I was convinced at the shortcomings of smoking in company as I believed that was why my trip didn't go further (that and a bad method of vaporizing). I was determined to make my next attempt with the spice alone, in isolation, in my room, without having to worry about anyone or anything else. By this time, I had purchased a 'varpogenie' which is a pretty ingenious device. It is pretty much a hand-held vaporizer that is activated by regular flame from a lighter that uses a ceramic element to block the direct flame and vaporize your stuff proper. I measured and loaded myself around 15mgs of spice as I wanted to try the same amount as last time but with this new method. I loaded spice on top of a bit of cannabis so it wouldn't melt and fall through the screen. I took two large deep inhales from the pipe, laid down on my bed, relaxed, and let myself fall into the dmt sensorium.

I was witness to a strange blueish or some sort of electric fog that overlaped my vision and slightly clouded it. When I tried to take a closer look at the fog itself, I noticed dazzling electric like lights flashing and jumping around, brilliantly dazzling a spectacle itself. The visuals though paled in comparison to the intense love, warmth, comfort, and happiness I felt. I can say hands down I have only felt that way once before on mushrooms, it was quite amazing to feel such strong internal feelings. There was very slight noises, as best as I can describe as, 'electric static' like noise. After a bit, the hallucinations, both audio and visual subsided and left me with a feeling of wanting to go deeper into the rabbit hole next time.

I waited 30 minutes and replicated the previous instance as exact as I could. I loaded 15mg on top of a bowl of cannabis and took a few deep hits as last time. This time the auditory hallucinations came about much more intensely with it starting from silence, gradually increasing to the strangest noises I could have possibly heard. As before I best describe it as 'electric static'. Static meaning random (or seemingly random) pitch and tone variations going up and down and all over the sound spectrum, but not sounding like normal static does! The sound itself was more akin to an electric like ripping or tearing, it sounded like it could possibly have been coming from a machine, but with an organic twist to it. The ripping volume increasing louder and louder (along with some very, very light music I put in the back); the blue fog again rolling in, fluctuating iridescent neon patterns wherever the eye turns until it slowly begins to fade back to the reality I supposedly know. Less feelings of ecstatic joy and happiness but still there slightly, just much more noticeably less.
-------- Friends experience - Jan 09 --------
Much spice is given out to multiple friends with the only condition being that the results of the trip are reported back! Results:

(friend A) 1st: 20mg smoked out of a bong sandwiched between cannabis. After two hits, reports rushing extremely quickly through a spinning tunnel full of things! From images of places, to people, faces, "pretty much more information than a person could handle" friend reports. At the end of tunnel trip, has a vision of something that he, nor anyone knows what it is. Vision described as some sort of a machine/gears, but not any machine and gears of this world. Cannot figure out what the machines purpose is, what it was producing, or even how it worked! Friend explained that when he would look closer at the machine and would focus on a specific part, not only would it morph and change, but that he could looking closer and closer, looking at ever more complicated smaller machinery as he zoomed in on it. I asked him if this machinery felt alive in anyway, (self-transforming machine elf - mckennas vision?) like an entity, and he said no way. He said just looked like an unfathomably complicated machine that was doing something and morphing itself around as it needed, but that it did not feel like a concious being to him.

(friend b) 1st: ~20mg. Extreme giggle-fest, equal to that of a high dose of mushrooms but just for a short time. Friend said he just would roll over, laugh a whole lot, exclaim, "Feels like shrooms'!" and then keep on laughing until his trip ended.

(friend a) 2nd: ~20-40mg possibly more smoked out of a bong just like first time. After a few hits puts head on arm and proceeds to have similar super speedy tunnel vision as previous experience. This time friend exclaims in his head, "what the hell is all of this?!?!" and super speedy tunnel vision comes to an abrupt halt and a voice (no vision) echo's back into his head, "not very many people ask these questions" or something to that extent. Friend A didn't get into too many specifics about what voice said, (I personally think he was kind of freaked out by it actually) but just that it was trying to let him know that he was unique as it is rare people go on the journey? (that's what I gathered from it anyway). So after voice, friend is then on the bottom of a staircase outside a huge palace. I asked to be specific about the palace and the surroundings and he can't; I ask if it's golden, he says he is pretty sure it was. After he starts to move towards the palace, he says vision over, and he is back at home again. Friend was obviously very awe inspired and livid about his experience for a few days after it happened with much questions about how he makes his own batch etc. (This may sound really strange but friend A seems 'smarter' for about a week after. Reacting quicker to questions, brighter eyed, faster, seemed almost to an extent renewed. After about a week this renewal is totally gone.

(friend b) 2nd: ~20mg. Precisely the same experience as first time, extreme giggle-fest. Friend b is more experienced tripper than friend a and larger in weight as well. My theory is that friend b needs more quantity than friend a for 'breakthrough' like experience.
-------- My third experience - Jan 09 --------
I wanted to increment my intake of spice slowly so I could see the noticeable difference at lower, and later at higher doses. This next instance, I weighed out 25mg and again with the vaporgenie I took a few long, deep hits of spice on top of cannabis. This time the familiar auditory electric ripping like sound came went but only faster than previously. I am laying in my bed staring at my ceiling watching the white colour in my ceiling seem to separate into all the colours of the rainbow while starting to wave and become brighter; I am amused by the speed of how quickly it comes on. The familiar blue fog/blue hue seems to be clouding my whole world, it drifted over me or I into it, (I think it was it over me as I don't recall moving anywhere) either way I was inside of it and I am in what can only be described as a playpen.

Why do I say playpen you say? Well for some reason I have the memory of bouncing/jumping/flying all around (very quickly I might add) this little three dimensional blue boxish existence, but I did so vaguely as I don't recall that part as vividly as the next part. I say bounce because I didn't jump off all the walls, I think I kinda smacked around a few of these walls too, and they had quite the rubber band like feel to them bouncing me to the next side of the room! This all happened rather quickly, and next thing ya know, I am controlling some sort of object like thing! I am in the same place as I was before but this time stationary, no bouncing around. I was playing with a toy is one way of putting it, and as the small child is handed a rattle for the first time, it most certainly was amusing for me manipulating this thing, I do admit! I don't recall holding the object as I moved it, (shifted it a better term as it seemed to be securely fastened at the bottom in the centre) but I did manipulate it, it was me consciously shifting it around without the use of any hands or body for that matter. (normally in dreams you dream of your body doing stuff, at least for me; so this was unlike a dream in that respect).

Firstly imagine four, equal pyramids in a square pattern. Not like the pyramids of egypt though, these pyramids are longer, more pointy, but still have a square on one side at one end, and a single point at the other. These pointy like pyramid things have green, blue, red, and yellow, but mostly blue and green neon glowing stripes running in symmetrical patterns around them so they look very much futuristic, are creating their own light and quite interesting to look at. The pointy side of all four of these pyramid things were down on the floor.

The way I was shifting them around was back and forth, in patterns of two. The two on the left and the two on the right would be held together but opened up across from each other, then reversed, then the opposite would happen, the two on the top and the bottom would be held together and I would open up this thing the opposite way. I was quite entertained by this object, manipulating it for a while, but then I became aware of what the heck was going on! I became aware that I was manipulating an object in a 3 dimensional world without using hands and wasn't aware of a body of any kind either. The instant I became aware of this situation, I was pulled from it and I slowly started to come back to so called reality. As I was coming down I remember seeing my familiar ceiling again and started feeling so happy, and appreciative of what I just went through. I was literally so happy and ecstatic that I started to tear up because it seems that it was too beautiful to really have just happened. The idea then came inside my head that what happened was just the tip of the iceberg, that it goes so much deeper and I had done so little, I had done next to nothing but bounce around walls and play with some toys! I was very happy with my experience and as I was coming out, I realized that this must be the shamanistic ecstasy that is rarely spoken of in 'modern' societies but is known in 'primitive' ones. I can't describe how complete I felt.
-------- Friends experience - Mar 09 --------
-------- New friends experience (friend c) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix) --------
When I took DMT I put a personal nug [cannabis] and covered it in DMT, I smoked the whole thing and laid on a bed and started to see chequered patterns with my eyes closed; then the patterns changed into a floor and I was around a garden dome thing, the floor was doing crazy patterns like I was on some good LSD or shrooms, then while I was walking looking at the trippy floor, when I see cartoon looking people. I say that because they had long legs and arms. I couldn't see their face but the people were welcoming me to the garden telling me to enjoy, have fun; all I could do was move my head up and down saying yes.

After that the floor was still moving, then I heard like an alien voice around my ears, then I open my eyes and at first I thought my friends were talking but I stopped to hear if it was them doing that but there talk was normal; then the alien voice passed my left ear then my right. That's when I got out of the room and back with my friends to the other room. I felt like I should get out of the room, like someone wanted me out, like saying, "how did you get here?". That's about it.

-------- Yet another new friends experience (friend d) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix) --------
When I smoked DMT I put some weed in a pipe just to fill the bottom, to have a nice medium for the product. I put a nice amount of DMT on the top, enough to cover the weed and evenly spread around the top; about the size of a dime.

When I lit the DMT, I kept the flame about 4-5 inches away and lightly drew the heat to the bowl. I did this so the DMT could slowly melt into the weed and not instantly vaporize. You can actually see the powder slowly bubble and melt into goo. The goo ends up sticking to the weed real nice and you should be able to bring the lightly slowly closer so it start burning it enough to get some nice tokes. So I held in the smoke for as long as I could even though it tastes like burning plastic, but that's easy to get past. I just kept smoking it and holding it in as long as I could. By probably about the fourth hit, I started to feel things change. I felt like I wanted to just close my eyes and lay back; everything became really fuzzy and I couldn't help but do just that.

Almost as soon as I closed my eyes a rush of just colours, geometric shapes and movement were present. I felt like I was constantly traveling through time and space as I tried to control myself to steer between the constant flow of objects. There was an infinite animation happening, every shape that went by had something happening on the shape itself, and was always moving. It's very similar to a concious dream. It was like I was sleeping because I just wanted to curl up with my blanket and I noticed I was taking deep breaths, even though I knew I wasn't asleep. (very close to 'enlightenment'?)

The trip I had was very close to what I think some people think enlightenment might be. A million thoughts, visions, and realizations can happen all at once or spread itself out right in front of your conciousness. This was a very good experience from my psyche. I'm not sure how long I was tripping for, but I'm sure it wasn't for more than about 15-20 minutes. When I "woke up" I still felt very enlightened and peaceful. For a few seconds after, my vision was still pretty blurry but that faded away flawlessly. The peaceful, relaxed feeling lasted for another few minutes and faded as well.

That night when I went to sleep, I felt extra relaxed. I don't remember any dreams but I know I didn't toss and turn. I think I just laid on my back and didn't move at all, just slept. It felt great! This was a great experience and I think everyone should give this a try. If it has any widespread effect, they can only be positive.
-------- Friends experience - Mar 09 --------
-------- Friends experience (friend d) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix) --------
I'm not sure if I've gotten to the point where I end up seeing people and places more than just crazy psychedelic stuff. A lot of faces flash on by; a lot of different locations. It seems like an alternate society or even existence that lives along side our own. Everyone seems really happy to be there and everyone is happy to see me. When I started to feel my trip come on (after making sure I smoked enough DMT. Probably enough to completely cover the top and most of the sides of the medium) I felt like someone was sitting beside me on the bed; as if to guide me from the concious world to the world that lies ahead. As if to represent that it is cool, nothing bad was going to happen.

So it seemed like I was being shown around town and introduced to all the people and places I should know. I love the illusion (fact?, feeling?) this gave me that everyone in this dimension was happy to be alive and a general sense of caring toward everyone was genuine. Not this false drab bullshit that everyone is "caring about everyone and everything".

Sometimes I would feel like I was flashing between this world and the next and while that was happening I still sensed my "guide" sitting next to me on my bed, everything is still cool I thought. When my trip started to kick in, I instinctively grabbed my hoodie and threw it up in the air so it parachuted over my whole head blocking out my overhead light. When that happened it seemed like I was at the same time boosted away or something to another world.

It was like as the sweater fell, its black colour acted kind of like a green screen for everything to become the "movie" if you will. I heard some voices and vocal chatter at times throughout and sounded like english but was distorted and echoed. It was almost like if you had done some nitrous and get the 'wah-wahs' and someone is still talking to you.

I'm curious to know how relaxed I really get. At some point I want to find out how much if any it slows down your heart rate. My breathing is definitely different. It seems like I'm able to inhale and exhale much more deeply without effort. It seems like it just happens. It's almost like I can take a few nice deep breaths and then I hold the next breath in for what seems like a long while. When I let the breath out again, it feels like a very nice rush of relaxation. After a few more deep breaths in and out, I can also push all of my breath out and hold it out for what seemed like a long while and when I took a nice deep breath in again and held it, it was very nice also; very relaxing. All this was happening while all the other usual stuff was going on.

-------- Friends experience (friend d later the same day as previous entry) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix)
This time it seems like I didn't consume as much as I normally do. I sprinkled a fair amount on top of a medium and began to smoke it. Maybe about five puffs in, I started to feel the effects; not much though, so I ended up smoking the rest of the bowl hoping for the best. I was kind of feeling something so I grabbed my sweatshirt and put it over my head.

It wasn't a very psychedelic trip this time. For some reason the trip was almost like I was hovering over or just behind the shoulder of an elderly man that I didn't know. He was slowly trying to make his way through what seemed to be a crowd of his own family members. There were a lot of atmospheric sounds all around all the time, like futuristic mysterious spaceship sounds. The man made his way very slowly trying not to stumble or trip, just taking his time. Nothing really happened, just seemed like normal activity. There were no crazy colour or movement, it just seemed like I was watching over some stranger in a completely different part of the country for a very brief moment in time.

I seem to notice my breathing pattern changes a lot when I'm under the influence of this substance. I'm not sure what it means but it's never uncomfortable. Whenever I come "out of it" I always have a feeling of subtle enlightenment and always very relaxed, as If I could just go to sleep. I really feel like this stuff stimulates your dream receptors because it makes you feel like you are dreaming. I can't help but close my eyes and go to dreamland for a few minutes. A crazy dreamland that I remember; I don't usually remember my dreams, and it is rare that I do.
-------- Friends experience - Apr 09 --------
-------- Friends experience (friend d) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix) --------
I smoked the DMT once straight without weed, no mint at the bottom, nothing. I smoked it straight from a glass bubble pipe; bad idea. My trip was way bad; I had a lot of phlegm and my visual trip was almost like snaked (sic. a snake?) attacking my psyche. I had a lot of scary thoughts for some reason, a very dark trip. It was first thing in the morning, and no weed was consumed prior.

A few days later I smoked more out of a weed pipe on top of weed, melting it into the weed at first, then smoking it entirely. The trip was much better this time; I took about three big hits and held them for as long as I could. By then I was under the spell, everything became really fuzzy and I couldn't help but hastily put the pipe down and lay back on my bed, pulling my sweatshirt over my head to block out my overhead light and close my eyes. I saw light beams stream past me as if I was in a time warp. It seems like I ended up as a child in a daycare or some sort of preschool. I had a box in my hand that had letters or numbers on it and it was really brightly coloured. Every time I tried to look around in the "classroom" everything just had endless shapes and colours. The floors, walls, and pictures/posters on the walls. I seem to vaguely remember being at an adult's feet as he turned and walked away. After that everything warped away and became complete psychedelia.

As my trip faded slightly away I was able to move some of my sweatshirt away from one of my eyes and I looked at my real wall in my room and everything was still really fuzzy and wouldn't stop moving around, so I closed my eyes again to the crazy shapes, colours, and movement. Another minute or so passes and I soon feel like I'm coming back to reality. I feel euphoric and tired, sleepy and yawning for another few minutes after that. Overall a great trip, much better than smoking it straight out of a bubble pipe.
-------- Friends experience - Apr 09 --------
-------- Friends experience (friend d) (hand written by friend, transferred to computer by hysterix) --------
When I smoked DMT tonight, I put too much of a weed/DMT ratio. I figured since I was going to smoke a small amount more DMT, I should put more weed at the bottom to absorb the DMT oil. That was a bad idea because I think the fact I put too much weed made me feel the pot high a little too much, thus making the DMT trip less crazy. So even though I did smoke more DMT this time, the weed high canceled some of it out. So I figured out the hard way that it's okay to put it on top of weed as long as there's very little of it. Just enough to cover the hole is fine, then put a nice dose of DMT on top of that. I've never really had a problem with the weed affecting my trip before, but this is a prime example.

After I smoked the whole bowl and started to feel it real nice, I was about to pull my black sweatshirt hoodie over my head and face when I suddenly got some crazy chills. I felt really cold, almost freezing. Even though it was night, it was a nice temp in my room before my trip. Anyway so instead of just falling off to DMT land, I had to concentrate and quickly got under my blanket. I think that was another reason I didn't really trip that much because I had to concentrate too much, go under the blanket, impatiently getting warm and kind of feeling the DMT trip. I mostly just felt at peace and relaxed. I opened my eyes again briefly a few times because I wasn't feeling it much and when I did I could kind of see some colours and movement on my chihuahua (who was under the blanket when I got under it).

My blanket has kind of a fuzzy leopard print and when I was under it, the light shining through made it look like I was in some sort of eerie foreign maybe alien-like cell.
-------- Friends experience - May 09 --------
This is a two part video report by a man who just smoked over 400 milligrams of dmt over a period of 48 hours. This man does not smoke weed any more, and I believe because of this, he is getting much higher off smaller amounts of dmt than me or my friends.

This man had some serious experiences, watch both videos all the way through and decide for yourself!

Part 1:
Video report - part 1

Part 2:
Video report - part 2
soulman said:
Fuck me thats a lot of spice dude. How many extractions was that?
A lot. I am going to make a thread of it in a bit so details will be in there. Suffice to say it was three-tenths short of a metric fuckton.

hedcase said:
Great thread!keep it going dude!
Thanks a lot! There will be more to come as I get the reports ;-)

Okay everyone, that is going to be it for now. That is all the reports that I have compiled up to today, so now I need to smoke more dmt myself, and compile that, plus the reports from my friends as they come in.

Again, thanks to all on these forums for making this a reality; the chain reaction of expansion of conciousness is beginning!

Bom shiva!
SWIMfriend said:
Your video looks and sounds like baloney to me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'd like to know exactly what you mean by this statement.

Of course it is entirely possible the person giving the description is lying, I cannot go into his head and see what he sees, a person could only judge for themselves.

As for you saying the video 'looks' baloney, what exactly are you trying to imply?

First of all I shot the video myself.
Second of all I gave him the spice that I extracted myself and watched him smoke it numerous times directly in front of me.
Third, you did not see his reactions on the drug after he smoked it, so it does seem like a stretch I suppose but perhaps not if you were there.
At the top of the page, is that spice up there baloney?

If what you are trying to say is the guys is embellishing his trip, of course that is indeed possible; but do not even suggest that the video is a forgery or that that guy did not smoke spice at all, as swim personally dosed the guy up, and swim personally filmed it.

Just making sure the record is set straight here.

LOL - I think you are just upset that I made fun of your silly disclaimer signature.
#2 Posted : Tuesday, May 26, 2009 7:03:42 PM - your response to me making fun of your signature
#16 Posted : Tuesday, May 26, 2009 7:18:39 PM - your response to the second video

You did not give any explanation of why you think the video is baloney, I'd love to hear it. :)
Lost in translation, yes. But lets not trample exuberance. Words fail to describe our second home. It is a 'personal' place. Words will always let us down.

hysterix said:
SWIMfriend said:
Your video looks and sounds like baloney to me.
...but I'd like to know exactly what you mean by this statement...

I mean that it lacks ALL the elements of genuine descriptions of serious or breakthrough experiences. Maybe your friend is like Bill Clinton: he didn't actually inhale.
SWIMfriend said:
hysterix said:
SWIMfriend said:
Your video looks and sounds like baloney to me.
...but I'd like to know exactly what you mean by this statement...

I mean that it lacks ALL the elements of genuine descriptions of serious or breakthrough experiences. Maybe your friend is like Bill Clinton: he didn't actually inhale.

Who's experiences, your experiences? Aren't all of our experiences different? What is your basis of comparison? Maybe you think this because it doesn't sound like in his voice he is taking it serious?

Your implication that he didn't smoke it at all is actually quite insulting.

I'd also like to know point by point the "elements of a genuine description", what they are exactly.

SWIMfriend said:
Your video looks and sounds like baloney to me.

Your words were that is sounded fake AND looked fake, implying the whole thing is set up? Explain what you meant by both the video and sound is a fake.
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