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Cocoa, honey, mushrooms, ayahuasca

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I read here that a Shipibo shaman named Don Mariano makes his ayahuasca with honey, claiming it makes the brew more potent. This was a surprise to me because normally sugar is contraindicated in dieta.

It reminded me of the Aztecs, who consumed cocoa and honey with mushrooms.

I always thought they took the honey to make the mushrooms taste better - but now I wonder, perhaps something about honey makes serotonergic psychedelics more potent? I further wonder about this because I am aware through research that the Mexican Mazatec people follow the same basic “dieta” with mushrooms that ayahuasqueroes do with ayahausca - meaning, generally, no sugar. Is there something special about honey?

Cocoa, by the way, has MAOI in it. I experimented with it once. I drank 11 cups of hot cocoa throughout a full day, and then ate three grams of mushrooms with a companion. My companion had an ordinary trip. Me? I blacked out a few hours in and was totally gone for six hours, during which I only spoke in tongues. My friend fled my apartment in terror. I did not slowly come to. It was black, and then POP, I was back, stone cold sober, at 3 AM, with no clue where my companion had gone, thankfully still in my apartment, completely naked. Cocoa, in large doses, definitely strengthens mushrooms.

And according to the Shipibo shaman in that article, honey strengthens ayahusca brews. Is it the same with mushrooms? Are cocoa-honey as a combination an all-around psychedelic enhancer?

Just some questions, and experiences, for the internet to ponder.
You're likely on to something. Anecdotally, there is a noticeable difference of intensity if I drink mushroom tea (which always has honey, and lots of it) versus just eating the fruits. And there's at least a momentary intensification when I eat dark chocolate while on mushrooms. I find it similar to what I experience when I take vitamin C during a trip.

And I can see the same effects happening with Aya as well.

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It has been revealed that Ayahuasca brew has a ton of fructose (originating from the vine) already... Sugars seem to potentiate psychoactive molecules (not just tryptamines) through complexation.
Honey in mushroom tea is really good combination, I think it's obvious immediate positive effects of simple sugars on absorption of liquids, your mood and also human body are very well known. It's not just about taste.

Cocoa contains, besides other compounds, also theobromine, which is mild, but pleasant substance, no surprise it interacts somehow with tryptamines.

IMO the best way to potentiate mushrooms is pre-dosing with harmalas.
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