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Grow Log 1.0

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Syragote said:
That baby mimosa is the most adorable little plant I've seen. I don't think I'd have the heart to harvest it. :(

From my understanding, they are not a peak harvest potency until they are many years old. I am planning on buying some property in the coming years, and I hope to put it in a greenhouse where it can be kept in the proper conditions over winter. I may try to harvest just enough to have a few experiences. I think I should be able to do so without killing her once she is large enough. I do not need any more than that from her.
Voidmatrix said:
Wonderfully beautiful verdant progress my friend. How are you diesels doing (I think that was the cannabis strain you were growing)?

I apologize for missing out. I've been around, but dealing with some negative seasonal effects so have been keeping to myself as per my introverted nature lol.

But seeing this update, and all it's beauty, and reflecting on how you rewarded you feel considering all the of hard work you've put it, I'm inspired to start searching for seeds of plants I'd love to have myself. Some of this has been influenced by a sad incident with my San Pedro. Just want to get more in touch with plants.

Keep on keeping on.

Be well :love:

One love

I thought it was SD, but I think my buddy may have mixed up his clones, there were 2 SD that I killed purposely while cloning because they had been through hell. The mom looks a little rough because I let her go without doing much. She needs a little TLC (haha, I accidentally typed "THC" there).



New update. The gap has been partially because of laziness, partially me just being overwhelmed with life, and partially to let things really progress into something substantial. In some ways this was a success, in others it was a bust. I will start with some of the busts.

The rusticas went to seed and I cut them. I will try to produce a usable tobacco with the seeds I have left, but want to do more research before I jump back into them.

My monstrose, even though I had done absolutely no water, seems to have succumbed to some sort of mold infection, but there are still some green spots, and it seems to have rooted, so I sprayed it with an anti-fungal and am currently praying. My friend who gifted it already cut me another piece, and it is currently curing out before I try to root it. He said to give it 3 weeks before planting.

The N. nucifera come and go in waves, but the green algae doesn't seem to quit. If anyone has any insights, they would be welcome, and I would be grateful.

I am starting to see several substantial N. careulaea sprouts, though. They, too, are starting to get the algae, but it doesn't seem to have the same effect as the nucifera. Perhaps the nucifera has another issue?


Now, Void, I know you have done a few mushies in your day. I have a question. I am only getting mushrooms in spotty areas. Mostly around the edges. Most would say FAE, but I clearly do not have that issue. I have a hunch that it may just be bad genetics, although I am sure there is a mistake I am making here too 😁


My Voacanga cutting is absolutely beautiful


I had to pick up from here. The code was glitching out while I was typing, and it even wouldn't let me edit either. So here we go again lol.

The cacti, aside from the monstrose, are going great. "Melvin" is doing well, and the Juules/Loph graft are also doing well. The Loph I have growing solo is holding on, but it doesn't look great around the cat bites. And many of the seedlings I started are getting noticably larger as well.





The Bundleflower has absolutely THRIVED in the direct sun!

The star jasmine are growing much different between the cuttings. The one I grew mainly outdoors grew very short, and stout. The one I started indoors and moved outdoors abiout a month ago seems to be vining lol. The Corymbosa is also vining out.



I've harvested a few times from the Calea, but have not yet tried another dose. I have just been preoccupied with personal issues.

Mimosa it just chugging along at it's own pace.

The Khat seems to prefer being grown indoors. The one under the light is huge, but the 2 outside have stood still. Outdoor plants not photo'ed.

Datura is fruiting

NEW ADDITIONS! Artimesia absinthinum and Salvia divinorum. These cuttings both arrived within the last 3 weeks. Very excited! Threw them into predominantly sun and they are both super happy


Not much to report on the rest, but I took the pics, so here is the Rue, Kratom, Coca, Ecinacea







That's going to do it for now. I probably should have put a little more thought into this, but if I didn't do it now, all willy nilly, I may have let it get to far away from me. The next one I will try to be a little more thorough. Have a good week, folks.

I'm going to take a step back from actual updates on the plants. I do not feel I have anything else to add on the varieties I have. I have recently made an extract from the L. virosa, creating about 4 viles of a usable tincture. Alcohol (190 proof corn shine) being the main solvent. I have also done my first spice extraction, which I may do another post on, because, as a beginner, I feel I am doing a pretty decent job. Some P. som's also were used in an experiment that may or may not have worked out. That one is still in the air. I will answer any questions that anyone has, but I think that, until I have something more helpful to say, I will let this thread be. Thanks to those who have chimed in from time to time to encourage me, or to ask questions. If I have anything of worth to say in regards to these subjects, I will add them, but as far as a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly update, I feel I have pushed this as far as it can go (maybe even farther) without getting stale. As always, I wish blessings upon all. Everbounding love to all....
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