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i've been using (viewing) the forums for quite a while to find great information, philosophies, and community found in no other nooks in the net.

finally, i've setup a new membership and look forward to joining in the discussion.

my first blast off was last year. after years of psy, love, and smiling the time finally found me. interestingly enough, a significant part of the beginning of the travel (i believe beginning, anyways, but who knows) was a very loud show of support from what initially was very human...good friends and also, quite clearly, this nexus. upon reflection of the experience, i noted it was a bit "alien" as well, but i was very surprised by the very HUMAN quality of this support--cheering from the crowds of the "experienced". this was quite an abstract event...no travel to defined space, just fullness and electricity and support. return was quite possibly the most significant part--viewing self from above...flipping between the two "selves"...nearing in fractal vibrations...until merging as one...seeing what would become "feet", but initially was just "earth vision"...and realizing what was happening (rebirth into this reality).

quite awesome, truly THE peak experience i've had.

my intentions in this forum are to offer and receive new techniques of usage, philosophy, science and community.

i'm certainly spiritual, but also grounded in science. i'm fascinated by modern discoveries that appear to reflect what the intuition and psychedelic realm have provided us always. i'm committed to truth, and not obscurity or under-researched speculation or poor internet citation.

i'm fascinated by the idea that should extraterrestrial life exist (seems pretty likely, right), its consciousness could manifest as any number of infinite possibilities, including "permanent psychedelic sense." i'm confident that the mind gives a good view into everything that is and could be, and is an amazing information tap, but can also mislead in our material contexts. i'm always working to synthesize mind and material--both often contradictory priorities but nevertheless equally important.

i prioritize empathy, compassion, and love.
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