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Hyper slapped by Eddie Honda

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Hello everybody it's Dr Nicknack-paddy-whack,

It's not often but I've been known to mix psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA, DMT, Weed.

*TLDR* - don't mix Fly Agaric or other Amanita's with Changa containing harmalas and DMT.

When I've mixed things I've pretty much been alright - except a some pot-magic-mushroom soup that was Level 5 stuff.

Apart from that once, usually I'd be very controlled and chilled.

Last night, however, I mixed something I never had before, totally accidentally, forgot I'd taken the Fly Agaric and the results were awful.

It was a Hyper-Slap and then some. My brain and body were buzzing - not in a pleasant way either - and I was suddenly aware of some invisible gorilla around my back.

Then the room started to turn into this odd playmobil kit.

I wasn't blasting off - it was Changa / Aya blasting in.

Bang into the bedroom - bringing the trip right into this dimension.

I ran out of the house and sat on grass that appeared to be AstroTurf. I apologized for smoking too much changa in recent days to Ayahuasca and Astarte, especially after being told I'm perfectly fine.

So a hyper-slap --- everything around me was turning to this plastic weave. Super shiny - the house and my bedroom and garden were all Playmobil like. But I thought this would get boring not having textures

After meditating and calming myself down it dissipated much to my relief about 20 minutes after taking the bong hit of Changa.

Anyway, I was thinking about the whole hyper-slap thing and although it may have been something to do with me being greedy -- is there a dangerous Muscamol DMT/ Fly Agaric/ Changa and Aya.

I thought I'd been hyper-slapped for smoking too much changa but then - flicking through some pictures on my phone - I found a revealing image..

The picture was a bag on a white clothed background containing Fly Agaric - Amanita Muscaria caps. They'd arrived in the post a few days ago.

I'd totally forgotten that I'd had a cap of the Amanita prior to the Changa hit that bent me over and hyper-slapped my bum.

In consideration I think I deserved the hyper-slap. I was being greedy and also being stupid.

Either way nasty hyper slap.

Anyone mixed Amanitas with DMT previously and gotten away with it?

Light and Love
Really? I expected a few internet slaps for that mistake.

Thanks all the same for reading I guess I got the message across - lucky to be in non Playmobil land and lesson learned

Love and light

Bro... My whole world just turned playmobile.. People cars everything i saw was playmobile..
I smoked pure.. So it whent really fast from.. Omg shit i did 2 much, open your eyes so your back in reality...oh shit that doesn't work.. Fuk im about to dissolve.. Look outside.
Everything playmobile..chill ull be fine, are u sure.. Hmm no.. Ok enjoy this it will pass soon.. Lol look playmobile cars and people., ah im back...

Wtf wtf wtf lol
And i had made a changa from fly ageric last fall.. I found one in holland.. I microdosed it and i made a changa with it...
Smoking that changa i felt like my 3rd eye was attacked by reptilian like monsters..
Nothing really bad lol scary but normal changa can do that 2..
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