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Hyperspace Lexicon work thread

Wow, so much time has passed. My 2 cents, then:

Gem-gobbed, gem-gob (possibly without the dash): the sensation of the mouth being full of small gem-like stones, rolling against the teeth and to the back of the throat up to the point where breathing becomes difficult. Very disconcerting and hindering a smooth transition into either Hyperspace or Candyland.

Actually, it's what got me stuck on the 30mg level for months. Man, it REALLY felt like a mouth full of luxury-gravel. I could literally HEAR them racking at my teeth. That is, until I realized it was just a little bit of frothy saliva in my mouth, where air-bubbles became the gems. Every sensation of it felt magnified dozen-fold. Now, I swallow all moisture from my mouth before I hit the pipe. I do forget it sometimes though....... hate it when that happens!
I suggest people try to come up for terms according to different dose levels or levels of highness from threshold to breakthrough and whatever is beyond but nobody can remember. Terms like in Pihkal with the scale but specific to DMT, ayahuasca terms should probably have a place here too.

I have one term people could use I dont know if it has be given a word yet but

- Dysnomia the state of knowing that is beyond words, the feeling of awareness of something that is ineffable, or the feeling as in the sensation of tip of the tongueness where you feel you should know the word but cannot think of what it is. Related to Platos theory of Anamnesis that we do not learn things we remember them, Dysnomia being that which we remember before we can put it into words or logical awareness. Also related to Dysnomia the Greek Goddess of lawlessness in that the knowing which is ineffable is fundamentally beyond the confines of language (Dysnomia also being a real disorder where people cannot remember words) boundless to all constrictions and yet open to endless interpretation or personal customization, IE Ontological Anarchy, that which can become all things to all people through language, the root of all knowing and language.

- Dysnomian someone in the state of Dysnomia

Thats kinda a long and perhaps multifaceted definition but many words have more then one aspect to it.

I also suggest people try to think of specific aspects of consciousness that are created by DMT (if you can) or portions of the mind that involve cognition.
Having a zoological definition of the different entities may be useful too, to see how many people are seeing the same creatures.
Perhaps Hyperspace could be mapped by creating different names for areas that have predominant colors, so that if green is the most predominant color you would be in the ----- region of hyperspace though obviously there are going to be a lot of colors and some trips will not have any one color predominating.

Someone should also probably come up with a term for the buzzing noise some people experience right as they are blasting off.

A term could be created for the force of will that allows one to move through hyperspace.

I suggest people not worry about using english words to create phrases and just create new words completely like

Gerspemkindiggel - The desire to come up with words for things
I usually get this one, can anyone relate?

Mello Jello Body. Specially when moving physically in the experience, the loss of certain perceptions of your body and/or gaining of new perceptions of it, by dissolving the boundaries between your body and the Hyperspace. For example, the complete lack of joints or feeling elements or aspects from the Hyperspace as an extension of your body.
Planting a flag : When the traveller sees something in hyperspace that seems important, and makes a conscious effort to remember it. This is often done at the cost of some meditative focus, and can be impossible at higher doses. It is analogous to pulling out a camera when having fun with friends.

Slipping out : The movement instigated when the traveller suddenly remembers consensual reality and/or his body and becomes worried about things like breath, fire, friends, etc. The traveller then attempts to crawl his way back to reality with a level of success that depends on the intensity of the trip (dosage) and mental insistance.
I'm under the impression from the original post that part of what we are after here is some physical, visual description of actual hyperspatial landmarks... How about those crazy tile patterns? I know they are not unique to the DMT experience, and can crop up under the effects of shrooms or LSD as well, but they tend to be much clearer and brighter on DMT. Often they represent a simple square grid, although I've seen honeycomb tiles and other more complex regular tiling patterns. When I see these patterns it is usually in the early part of the experience- still in the anteroom, so to speak- and the patterns in the tiles seem to consist of information about my present mental state; often the patterns will start simple, then intensify, until at one point the journey moves to the next level...
Could say sorry to revive this after four months, but I'm not, as I don't think we've even begun to scratch the creative and collaborative potential available to us at the Nexus as we develop a rich robust spice slang.

I noticed we didn't have fractals in the Lexicon. I was under the impression this was kind of already an accepted vernacular?

Hyperspacial Fractal: A mathematical Fractal, experienced subjectively in three (or more) dimensions, rising from, or adding to the JimJam, can be experienced viscerally such as found in Folding Rooms

(I threw that together rather hastily ...anybody's thoughts?) Is this already covered by someone else's word? I thought it kind of sounded like jim jam in general, but then I thought of the times the "air" and just "ether" of reality shattered into these fractals before my eyes before getting to breakthrough and or hyperspace and being fully able to experience the jimjam. Anyone have similar experiences, reference to a word which already has this covered?

Or basically just anymore ideas so that we can keep this thing going!? Hyperspace is constantly transforming and moving, so should our Lexicon continuously progress.

What word would you like to use for the tiles Guyomech? Do you mean something similar to Glass Crysanthemums? Or is it like an aspect of JimJam ? A mix of these? Or something else entirely? Just trying to more accurately visualize what your experience was so that I can understand if I've also experienced similar.

(Or am I supposed to be creating a new topic entitled Fractal in order to discuss this term?)
Well hello everybody! long time since I spoke here. I just happened to notice that we havn't got the phrase "Legoland" in the lexicon. Now I realize that many would say that this is covered by 'Candyland' but I submit the contention that Legoland is distinctly legoland because it appears to be made of legos, quite specifically. I don"t know how many of you, my fellow nexians have this experience but enough of my friends have had it to where I feel that it should be part of the lexicon. what do you all think?
Figured I'd start posting in here when I can think of certain things. Just doing it for fun and nothing more, not trying to be too serious with this or anything. Just regurgitating what's on my mind:

For me with dmt, when I break through - the rooms that I'm typically in [vaulted, domed] - the walls/structure of the space seems to me to be layered, passing over top, through, underneath oneanother, multi-angular/dimensional. Highly fluidic, twirling transmutations never revealing itself concretely or directly, flowing, never pinned down.

The experiences usually goes through 2-3 stages/transitions, kind of like a story [sometimes only 1-2 transitions]. And say I'm in a room/space as I described above - sometimes these rooms/spaces will instantaneously generate out of themselves more of this 'swirling, prismatic hyper-pastel transmutations, some shifting into various more architectures, some shifting into these independent, intelligent forms/entities - and these entities seem to be woven of that same structure, woven of the same essence, all spun from the one-same-something-ineffable.

What I described is just a small small sliver of the totality of the experience as it's going on. It's impossible, but try we can..
I hear you on the transitions tatt. I have looked at it differently because of journaling and rather than thinking about the transition being the determining factor for recording I considered it the destination. These I call "scenes". But I'm pretty sure we are talking about the same thing. Generally 2-3 scenes per journey, but commonly connected with periods of travel between them. Sometimes they are related but at other times are completely random.

I think we're talking about the same thing anyway. :lol:

YTXian said:
Well hello everybody! long time since I spoke here. I just happened to notice that we havn't got the phrase "Legoland" in the lexicon. Now I realize that many would say that this is covered by 'Candyland' but I submit the contention that Legoland is distinctly legoland because it appears to be made of legos, quite specifically. I don"t know how many of you, my fellow nexians have this experience but enough of my friends have had it to where I feel that it should be part of the lexicon. what do you all think?
I missed this post, more than a year ago now.

Yes I have been in Legoland and know others who have as well. The the first time I ever tried DMT I passed through there in my 2nd scene. Something that I find most interesting about Legoland is there is a vibration, shaking even, to all the lego blocks. As if the whole thing could just come apart at any moment.

Something else that I have experienced multiple times I call "Dimensional Rift". It's where a dividing line or rift enters my perception and I am able to perceive 2 very different dimensions or scenes at the same time either side of the rift. The rift is usually vertical and moves in from one side of my perception to settle in the middle. The rift itself appears like a white static line but if I look closely it is actually comprised of folding shapes or Jimjam. Anyone else get that?
jamesodeaththe2nd said:
Glass chrysanthemum - a pattern that turns into the door way to hyperspace.

Excellent suggestion. I would love to see this in there. This also sounds like something from my recent thread, would you care to share more about an experience in that thread at Experiment: Entering the 5-dimensional shifting objects? - DMT Discussion - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus ? I would greatly appreciate it and would be eager to read the experience.

I would also love to see "waiting room" further explained.
I see there hasn't been a change to the Lexicon almost since I first joined the Nexus. I remember a discussion that NGC2264's entity descriptions should be removed or folded into a merged entity directory with appropriate annotations.

I feel like these descriptions, unlike the others, are extremely subjectively tinged, and were originally described in a detailed story of an actual, full psychotic break. I feel like they take the Lexicon in a rather negative emotional direction, they are incomplete without the rest of the story, and they definitely aren't indicative or typical experiences.

ps. I added a red note box to that section, and did a little stylistic cleanup of the Lexicon while I was at it. Right now I feel the "classic" entity list is far too short... I'm sure there should be more there, even if we start out from McKenna's and other oldtimers' reports. The other two are too opinionated in my view, even if HF's one is far less so than NGC2264's.

pps. I put in a few hours of work into the Lexicon. Fixed all the links, they were external links even though linking to the same page... Now they are proper wikitext internal links. Fixed a lot of whitespace and formatting stuff. Fixed a lot of grammar and orthography. Fixed a lot of alphabetization... Added some new entries... Let's keep this ball rolling. :)
Thank you for your work you put in Hyperspace Lexicon wiki, PsyDuckmonkey. However, now you have removed the whole NGC_2264 classification with the following note: "Goodbye Satan! Excising (or exorcising) the whole NGC_2264 tragedy from the Lexicon. If someone wants it back, let's discuss in the forums."

Well, I want it back. It was me who put both Hyperspace Fool's and NGC_2264's classifications there in the first place. It provided a nice overview of two polarities of the possible DMT experiences: love, light, happiness, all entities are good, benevolent, universe loves you etc. versus all entities are evil, DMT realm is a demonic home, they want you dead etc.

Now, you have censored the second part, writing it off as ramblings of a raving lunatic. Well, sure, I understand that it does offend your feelings, because your personal experiences might not be of the second polarity (or are they?) and now it makes you feel good to finally get rid of them and lead the DMT community to a realm full of happiness.

I disagree with you, both hypotheses about the polarities (all entities are good vs. all entities are evil) have the right to exist, leaving the people free to decide what aligns best with their own personal experience (the neutral Terence McKenna Machine Elves, the benevolent Hyperspace Fool or the evil NGC_2264 hypotheses).

What you have done here is censorship and ignorant destruction of knowledge, imposing your own views on the DMT Hyperspace experiences of other users.
It's not censorship, as the material is fully accessible in a rather prime location in the Forum. Nor is it "destruction of knowledge", as again, I destroyed nothing. The whole thing can be lifted right back by copy-paste from the version before the edit at will. I made an edit out of concern for newbie travelers looking for guidance, hoping to provide the most useful and beneficial information in the Lexicon. :) Nobody batted an eye about the lexicon for three years, nobody seemed to care one bit, so I took the liberty to proactively go in and do some editing. I'm glad that we have discussion now, at least.

I think the NGC_2264 report is not a 'classification'. It wasn't written as such. It's a lengthy multi-trip report that's either the chronicle of a psychotic break (not "the ramblings of a raving lunatic", but rather "the extremely sad story of drug-triggered schizophrenic breakdown" ), or Christian anti-drug and anti-occultism propaganda (something I've read plenty of in my childhood in a protestant environment, and this reads hauntingly similar) dressed up as "DMT fan fiction". This was discussed at length in the thread it was originally posted in. At least one person in that forum reported extreme psychological distress potentially from having read NGC_2264's report, and 'inviting' similar experiences.

It doesn't take in account any other entity experiences other than NGC_2264's own. Most of it doesn't even deal with DMT entity encounters, but rather vague dream experiences. I am convinced that it really has no place in the hyperspace lexicon, for the reason of its extremely subjective nature, and for the reason it simply isn't really dealing with hyperspace at all.

There are no polarities, Hyperspace Fool didn't say that 'all entities are good'. He simply said that he doesn't find it a good idea to give too much attention to evil entities. I'd be perfectly okay to have some evil entities listed if someone collected them. However, for reasons stated above, NGC_2264's report doesn't really seem fitting. His reports could be used as sources, when backed up with similar experiences of others, piecemeal, entity-by entity. I'm very much against an unedited inclusion.

It just feels wrong for around one third to a half of the material in a "lexicon" be the uncritical copy-pasting of a single-source, doubtful material. All the other materials are sourced from multiple places, someone proposed or mentioned something they met in hyperspace, and others respoded saying 'yes I've seen something similar too'. This part alone was completely different.

For the same reason, I wouldn't be entirely against merging Hyperspace Fool's classification into a flat 'entities' section based on a similar collaboration and mining of reports in this forum as all the other entries of the Lexicon were sourced. I do find his classification to be rather arbitrary too, and indicative of his own worldview. That said, at least his isn't potentially inviting of bad experiences.

I'd really like to hear more opinions though, too. Much love. :)
Nobody cares. Really. Just look at the history of addition at the wiki. One addition at three years time, nobody cares. If you want your own reality bubble at the wiki - I am fine, I don't care either. You want to huss up all alternative views - I don't care. Do what you want. I DON'T CARE.

You wanted to provoke a highly intelligent discussion here, just by removing a wiki entry? You wanted me to come up with some intellectual buzz fuzz about NGC being the most viewed and discussed topic at DMT-nexus quality reports section? I will NOT provide you any.

You want to create your own, solipsism reality bubble? Go ahead! Be my guest, change the wiki as you please, or remove it all together. You have the power. Do it and don't bother me or anybody else, for nobody cares. Peace out.
AstraLex said:
Nobody cares. Really.
I can see that nobody cares. Nor did you care for the span of three years since you pasted in two long entity sections from the forum and called it a day. I started caring, and look what it got me: antagonism and personal attacks.

Well, whatever. I'd ask you to try and cool down, but you're perfectly free to disdain me for having a different opinion than you, if you want.


Now, for everyone else who is not AstraLex:

I'd love to get the wiki in shape (it could really use some cleanup and work), and improve the Lexicon. I'm happy to volunteer time and effort, but it's bigger than me, and I'd want to be part of a community effort, not a sole editor people can then go out and stone outside the town for editing out something they liked or added themselves.
Dear PsyDuckmonkey, I want to make an apology for my personal rant towards you, full of accusations, insinuations and plain straw men fallacy. This kind of behavior is unacceptable at dmt-nexus, which is the place of free discussion and open-mindedness. I am sorry that you had to endure a personal attack from my side at this place.
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