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Hyperspace Lexicon work thread

I found the NGC_2264 additions dark and irrational when I first read them years ago. I know there is no sense in much of what we encounter, but the entries did not resonate with me at all. They appeared psychotic, at least elaborately fictitious.

I think Legoland should be considered for the Lexicon. I've encountered more people who have been to this place without hearing about it from anyone else since I made my entry a year and a half ago, and there were people talking about it before then too.

This post here illustrates quite closely what I was talking about with Dimensional Rift, with a star in one universe on one side of the rift exactly as I have seen, and then other shapes and stuff on the other side.

There's still much commonality to be found and documented for this project.
I already added Legoland and a number of other words brought up here. Apparently the process of 'mention in thread -> reach consensus -> add to Lexicon' simply doesn't work due to low community activity, and western nurture (nobody like to take responsibility for anything here). There were awesome, really well-founded entries even back from 2012 that hadn't been added. :surprised

So I propose a new modus operandi, based on Burning Man ethos: it's called 'do-ocracy'. It means we just do things to our best abilities and what we believe will benefit the community. For me, this includes just adding something when it occurs to me 'how is it that this isn't already in the Lexicon'. :D Also, discussing and adjusting as we go.

As for the entities, I've re-added the NGC_2264 thing for now. I think the whole "traditional vs. new" classification thing is entirely misleading, as the "traditional classification" IS, for all means and purposes, THE hyperspace entity lexicon. While I kinda appreciate Hyperspace Fool's effort, his classification seems really tied to his own worldview, and quite hard to relate to most others' experiences. As for NGC_2264, he just wrote about how he got tormented by spirits during his schizophrenic breakdown.

It would be a cool effort to scour a bunch of trip reports from the forum, and manually text-mine entity descriptions, let categories emerge, add missing ones, and expand existing ones. I may or may not have time to do this sometime.
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