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I have lost my purspose in life because of DMT


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Dear DMT users,
I am writing here to clear my thoughts. I have read a lot about DMT, mainly other people's experiences but also scientific articles. My problem is that I have lost my purpose in life because of DMT. Since my student years, I have believed in the afterlife, astral projection, higher self, karma, in God... But it turns out that what I thought was parapsychology could just be a "trip" caused by the natural occurrence of DMT in the brain. Most DMT experiences closely resemble astral projection, near-death experiences, communication with angelic beings, etc. So everything that I believed in and gave me strength and hope is suddenly gone. I am writing here because I do not have any real experience with DMT. I am curious to hear the opinion of an experienced DMT user - what do you think about it?
Before you had heard of DMT's naturally occurring nature, did you think that an astral projection or divine experience would be accompanied by completely normal brain activity? Featuring completely normal neurochemistry? Of course not. When we recalibrate or upgrade a telescope, our view of the heavens changes. But that doesn't mean our new view of the heavens are illusory just because the instrument or lens has been altered. The fact that the brains chemistry and activity change during these types of experiences says very little about their overall nature and meaning.

Having some ontological shock where your beliefs get shaken to the core can be a good thing. Just work with it and see what you think, then question that too.

People have been working with psychedelics for millenia. Despite knowing that those self described "divine experiences" were partially mediated by plants, they still didn't regard them as just a delusion or illusory circus, though that can be a part of it sometimes for sure. They saw that humans are seamlessly embedded in the natural world and employed certain techniques and plant medicines to tune their lens of perception.
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