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Iboga alkaloid safety

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I am planning on taking Iboga again, last time I suffered through consuming root bark, I am planning on a full alkaloid extract this time.

I was doing some reading online and I found this website https://www.genesisibogainecenter.com/iboga-vs-ibogaine-hcl-which-is-best-for-ibogaine-treatment/

They mention "harmful toxins" and said they could prove deadly.

This is the only site I have ever seen mention these toxins, and I cannot find any other sources.

Is this true and would a full extract still be dangerous? I will have to buy hcl (or possibly produce it) if this is correct.
The HCl is definitely less troublesome than a total alkaloid extract - with the TA the nausea and discomfort (especially associated with physical movement) is markedly increased. Ataxia might also be increased.

With that said, the TA is touted provide a heavier, comprehensive experience, which some report includes deeper visions (remember, iboga is all about going deeper, and deeper)... - and is also in line with "traditional" iboga use (breaking open the head and takes advantage of the whole plant.)

When I take a flood dose in the future, I'll probably shoot for a combination of these two. Why? Because my only prior experience flooding was with strictly HCl, and now I feel compelled to dig deeper and see the whole of the eboka vision (especially considering so many of my visions had to do with my relationship to the vegetal world.)
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