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marsofolds tek w/o ammonia? + yellow sludge

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Hey guys, this is my first post, but ive been lurking for some time and been doing extractions for about a year but nevber seemed to remember to sign up on Saturdays/Sunndays before work lol.
I'm doing a MHRB extraction of 250g.

#1 ive never done the marsofolds tek, however; it seems good. is that safe to assume? im not going to wash with ammonia.

#2 my last extraction of 250 was great. i had two great pulls. but on the third a huge layer of fat formed, and when i pulled the naptha (which was seperated from the fat and base) then put it in the freezer to precipitate, it came out a yellow sludge. the layer on my glass dish is kind of thick. and it looks like there are crystals on the bottom of the plate. but i let the naptha separate from the fat. when i poured it off, it seemed like fat that was melting. there was about 50ml of naptha before, and almost nothing poured off until it warmed up, now its exactly like naptha again, smells like it, evaps, and everything...there is no seperation when left alone.

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