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Microwave drying water recrystalived Fumarates?

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So I'm at the end of a water crystallization and I don't have a oven. Only a hot plate, 2 candle warmers and a microwave. I know microwave particles excite water. Probly not a good idea from a scientific stand point but I don't wanna wait days to dry. There in huge bundles like quarts from a rock shop. The interior wont get any air flow. Does any body have a opinion? Thanks. Knowledge is power.
I am a huge fan of using the microwave for extractions. Matter o' fact, here are two teks that I have published on the Nexus which are centralized around microwave use: MAD tek ; and MMMAD tek.

However, in those teks, the microwave was used for short acid cooks, not for evaporation. My instinct tells me that the microwave for evap could be a risky route, with possibility of easily boiling over and overflows / accidentally fries the DMT.

But, we learn from experimentation.

I would personally try something with the candle warmer.
Lol thinks buddy the candle warmer goes about 200. I have a pretty extensive tech I've put together from trial and error and spending hundreds of dollars and reading over 2,000 post. I use the microwave for yopo extract. By the way this is my first post ever and yer the first person to help me out. Thinks alot home skillet 😁
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