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My Introduction Essay - Greetings :)

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Greetings ALL

This is my attempt at an intro essay:

I am new to the Nexus but not a total novice to the magic of DMT. I'm an expert to a complete novice but lower than a novice to the veterans in this forum I have A LOT to learn. My only real experience is indulgence rather than anything productive. The later is what I am here to learn about and share.

I recently embarked on germinating and planting a wide variety of Acacias, some of which I am led to believe contain interesting alkaloids.

Why germinate and plant these varieties myself?

I first experienced DMT a few years ago whilst travelling in Mexico during which I heard stories of this amazing experience coming into being thanks to an amazing molecule found throughout nature. It turned out that even in little old Australia there are varieties of Acacia that contain some of this special medicine. I have worn out enough pairs of boots looking for these trees now to have grown a great deal of respect for not just DMT containing species but the bush/nature in general. As I wore out boot after boot it dawned on me that there was a better way for me to embark on this journey.

I never did find even one of the species I had sought but my persistence to find a source of magical alkaloids has turned into a project to seed and plant the magic instead. I am in a unique position to plant many hundreds of these special trees. Thus far I am just reaching 1 inch seedling height in tube pots of almost 100 babies of 5 varieties of Acacia:


Other than Colei (which is more of an experiment that I will be proud to share the results of), I believe the others to be known winners with Maidenii being a little more variable. Most of my little ones are going well so far but we have a long adventure ahead. Obtusifolia is being a little more stubborn as I am still waiting to see a radicle appear from any of the bloated seed. Patience must be the missing ingredient.

I'd love to hear what success others have had with these varieties and the lessons they have learnt.

In the meantime, I will be reading and learning about the many ideas and experiences Nexians (is that what we are called???) have to impart and share.

Peace and many thanks. I look forward to sharing our journey ahead.

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