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Noman's tech

Migrated topic.
IMO A/B gives bigger yields and a cleaner end product that does not require (but still benefits from) ammonia washing or recrystallization. SWIM finds A/B works very well when using pre-powdered bark, he's heard STB and powdered MHRB can be a bit problematic.
So an acid bath is a good idea no? Ok. SWIM will have 1lb of mimosa soon and wonders out of all the dozens of tech s which will be the best method for SWIMs first extraction. SWIM really needs to know which is the best because SWIM is a poor college student with no money but a new found affinity for DMT. Does not want to waste any mimosa trying particular extraction process. Oh yeah. The vendor told SWIM that it will be finally powdered bark.
I've read that powdered root bark doesn't work quite well with the Noman tech. Is this true? I've read a few accounts on this forum. When I get my 1 lb of mimosa I think I will be doing the A/b prep.
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