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Ratios (water specifically)

Migrated topic.
I'm right now in the middle of a 1g[MHRB]:1g[NaOH]:7.5ml[H2O] and this is a quite thick one. Got an emulsion that's separating slowly but faster than expected. Since my container hasn't got room for more I've just got to ride this one out. Actually dumped out some of my solution to make room for more naphtha. My advice is to have room to add more water (and naphtha) if you feel like it, it's quite painful having to remove your precious black gold just to fit the naphtha!

Remember though that [MHRB]:[H2O] is for the viscosity like [NaOH]:[H2O] is for pH. A high amount of sodium hydroxide will greatly improve the speeds of separation, so don't be afraid of increasing it! I would recommend you start at 1g[MHRB]:1g[NaOH]:10ml[H2O] and then simply increase the amount of water if it's to thick (emulsion-risk) and the sodium hydroxide if your layers are separating to slowly. Just remember to have at least 1g[NaOH]/1g[MHRB], when it's set you can increase the amount of [NaOH] freely. High levels won't do any harm to the DMT, just make sure your supply of lye runs out faster!

Happy extraktion! 😉
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