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some more DMT inspired artwork

Migrated topic.


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A few here have probably seen the (simply awesome) threat titled
"Is the sylistic aspect of dmt trips the same for everyone?" which
became absoloutely PACKED with DMT art.

- While this tread is awesome, I thought i'd start a new thread for
dmt art, and start you all off with this guy who I just found.
I can't think how anyone would draw that kind of thing if they hadn't
experienced it themselves.

all of this is for you – art by Randal Roberts

He's clearly "inspired" !!

Post up your other amazing art sites :d

I really like these. A lot of these pieces really bring me in, in a special spiritual way. The 3-dimensional canvases are cool.

Highly recommended sight for anyone into or interested in higher-vibrational art:

Hyper-inspired animation. Do watch:

Haha, sorry, I know that's a lot.
I',m loving the andy thomas stuff. Very nice concepts and prints at reasonable prices too :) May have to make some purchases at some point I think.

Cheers for that :)
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