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MalargueZiggy said:
How about June 21?

I think it would be a perfect day but I'm afraid I'm unavailable from June 12th till June 28th. Me being unavailable means I can't check and update the SHE-site.

Jorkest, Is there another fitting day according to the Mayan calender before or after that time?
oh yes...most certainly...there are always more...it just so happened that that day would have worked well...hmm well what if you threw a date out there...and i can check to see if it has a good synergy with the project...
well i was just looking through a few days...and came up with 7/7/09...its a good number..and on the mayan calendar its Red Spectral Serpent..and its guided by the red serpent as well...which means to me...is that..its an extremely grounding day...which is perfect in my eyes..because it will be a great anchor for everyone involved...so they can launch extremely high and still be grounded...which SWIM finds the best way to enjoy hyperspace...you can only go as high as you go low...there must be a balance...so the energy of that day...will balance the energy of the experiment...and hopefully allow everyone involved to be extremely comfortable...and also hopefully allow people to bring more back with them...
it is a tuesday though..but if it can work for people..its also RIGHT after the full moon..its like the day after as well..so there will be lots of moon energy abound
7/4/09 might work..its a saturday...and its a White Galactic Wind day...which is guided by white worldbridger(death) but to me that may also be a very great day

I harmonize in order to communicate
modeling breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of death.

this is also very very close to the full moon

disregard the big letters...but notice the second image...says the galactic tone is good for harmonizing people..which i think would be perfect..

this day seems wonderful...and its on a weekend..and still near the full moon


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That harmonizing part sounds great and seems to point at something like the SHE :d.

As far as I'm concerned July 4th, 2009 will be the new date.

Wait a minute, isn't the 4th of July independence day?
In the USA, depending on where you are located, there could be a whole lot of noise pollution on that day, with kids lighting fire-crackers etc, during the day & larger, fireworks display type explosions soon after dark.
Depending on what entheogen you are taking & what your preferred set & setting is, this might provide cool OEV, but most people trying to "make contact" while in DMT hyperspace, probably won't want to be disturbed by explosions going on outside.

So timing lift off to be late, like 11:00pm-3:00am in the USA, would be great!!

I don't know how much of this goes on in other parts of the globe, I'm assuming the 4th of July is more of an American holiday...

I agree with doing these on Saturdays, so the most people can participate though!!
I don't think Tuesday would work out very well for most people.

I am very interested and would just like to say that any day this summer is just dandy for me- whether it be a tuesday afternoon or a saturday night.

What is the ideal vehicle for the hyperspace event? I know that hyperspace can obviously be reached through more entheogens than DMT and am wondering if there is an ideal way or certain entheogen that is ideal to blast off and stay in space for a prolonged time. Im sure this point has been brought up before but wouldnt it make more sense to travel, per se, from an ayahuasca brew than smoking/vapeing dmt? I imagine the prolonged flight to be more ideal than the 20 minute flight.

BUT is time even an issue? does time exist in hyperspace? could one soul be in space "now" and meet another traveler that took flight 20 years ago, "now"? When is the "now" in hyperspace?
well its an experiment..but i think that july 4th would be a great day..even though its independence day..the day is really perfect for the SHE...and it gives everybody plenty of time to get ready for it..i could look for another day..but i really think that..THAT day would be really perfect for what we want to accomplish
About the time: The first event had the evening in Europe, the second one had the evening in the USA, the third time (this time) will have the evening in Australia if we want to keep if fair.

I had these times in my mind: 14:00 GMT. This would mean these local times:
07:00 LA - USA
10:00 NY - USA
14:00 GMT
15:00 London - UK
16:00 Amsterdam/Berlin - Europe
22:00 Perth - Australia
00:00 Canberra/Melbourne - Australia

With these early times for the USA does it also pose a problem with the noise of independence day?
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