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The Mescaline Extraction Thread

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We've done 69ron's mescaline extraction, and now we have 560 mg crude acetate. Can anyone make an educated guess about the purity?


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Luuk said:
We've done 69ron's mescaline extraction, and now we have 560 mg crude acetate. Can anyone make an educated guess about the purity?
I currently have about the same result from my cactus extraction. My guess is that the brownish color is from sugars that are caramelized during the heating/evaporation. I evaporated the extracted vinegar overnight in a food dehydrator at 60C and in the morning it was all brownish like yours.

I'm not sure what the purity will be, I heard some people state about 50% but that is probably just a guestimate. I will bioassey my results this coming Sunday and will let you know the results. I plan on taking a large dose, about 1g 'dirty' mescaline-acetate total.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
I evaporated mine in my fan assisted oven (about 70 degrees) and on my stove and got light brown waxy acetate, but it wasn't from using 69ron's tek. I used the sunflower oil tek. I cleaned it up with MEK and its now an off white powder (pic is on this page). Bioassay will be saturday night with about 150-200mg, but will have some 50mg boosters just in case it is in fact weak. It tastes really bitter/sour though, so i'm hoping its decent.

I thought I read 69ron say that heat shouldn't make a difference to final texture, but I'm not sure if that's true. I did use a fan when the liquid got down to about 5ml, so that may have helped.

Have a great weekend! and happy trails :)
Good to hear there are more people taking mescaline for newyear:) We'll just eat the impure acetate and post here how it went.

Have a good one!
The Traveler said:
I'm not sure what the purity will be, I heard some people state about 50% but that is probably just a guestimate. I will bioassey my results this coming Sunday and will let you know the results. I plan on taking a large dose, about 1g 'dirty' mescaline-acetate total.

Kind regards,

The Traveler

Have you bioasseyed your acetate traveler? Im very interested in how it went.
odd experience - i did a STB on 150G cactus powder last summer using limonene as my solvent. I salted out acetates from the solvent with 150ml vinegar 10+ times or so, until i was only getting a few traces of alkaloids with each vinegar pull on the last few so i figured it was spent. The limonene was expensive, so i held on to it with the intention to clean it up and reuse it for future extractions. After a year of sitting, i finally got around to cleaning it up and added an equal volume of vinegar to limonene, about 350ml, and the limonene went from a bright yellow to a drab murky clear! i went ahead and evaporated the now cloudy vinegar, and ended up with another 500mg of acetates! i tasted a tiny bit, and it was that familiar bitterness! W00T!!!

hold on to the solvent! for some reason, some straggler alkaloids were left behind despite repeated saltings, and only want to come out and play after being in there for close to a year.

Edit - got around to trying out the ancient alks, it was mostly another alkaloid after the first pull of the second round of saltings but still had some mescaline present it seems. i knew it was something else than what my early pulls yielded based on the texture/smell/lack of crystal sparkle so i dosed higher than normal. 1G of acetates provided a pleasant 8 hour body high, like i would expect from thresh hold dose of mescaline. it seems like an endless supply, after a appreciable first salting multiple salts after the initial one kept yielding around 200mg or so of this mystery goop. i am on the 5th salting of this since the second round of saltings and the vinegar is cloudy again, and i am just trying to clean up my limonene in hopes of recycling it for another extraction! might do a basic wash after this one to see if i can get the dull yellow out of my limonene, hate to toss it since its such a great universal solvent for so many different molecules and pretty expensive.
Luuk said:
We've done 69ron's mescaline extraction, and now we have 560 mg crude acetate. Can anyone make an educated guess about the purity?

this is why i went back to hcl

1 part 33% hcl solution mixed with 2 parts water = 10%hcl
one part 10% hcl plus 5 parts water = perfect salting solution

stir before use

evap after saltings, wash with cold dry acetone to yield tan flowing powder

much prettier and exact of a product for the home chemist
Hey guys,

It's been a long time for SWIM but he is finally in the presence of cactus again. SWIM decided he wanted to experience it some more after all this time, even though he felt he was done with psychedelics. In short, he did the crude resin extract like always and SWIM enjoyed it very much.. and now, he's thinking he wants to perform a proper extraction.

Okay so SWIM has tried 69rons d-limonene extract and has never gotten satisfying results. SWIM is thinking he is going to procure some muriatic acid (this is hydrochloric acid right?) properly dilute it and use that instead, with d-limonene. SWIM has calcium hydroxide on hand, however he thinks he also may have some lye. Would you guys say he should stick with calcium hydroxide or go with lye? SWIM doesn't have any pH measuring tools so he's thinking the already measured calcium hydroxide in the recipe is the best way to go.. but am not sure.

Also what is your guys experience with doing d-limonene with HCL? SWIM doesn't want to work with xylene or anything of the sort. D-limonene is much nicer and natural. SWIM just wants to know if it is worthwhile to use.

Thanks for any and all help! Once SWIM is ready to go he will be sure to put up the results.
I would do a alcohol resin tek first. Then take your resin and dissolve it in dilute hcl. Filter out insolubles, and do two more pulls on the insolubles with warm dilute hcl water. Evap down to a cup or so.

No goo, no slime, no stb mess, and you end up with like a cup of watery concentrated cactus extract. If you have a vac flask and a buchner, you can get golden transparent tea that is not slimy in the least this way.

Don't use lime if you do it this way, when i did, it just made its way into the limo and i had to wait days for it to settle. I would use koh/naoh, great results with emulsification seperation using limo, and it doesn't presnt the milky limo problem with lime. I can shake the hell out of a limo/koh basified cactus mixture, and an hour later, assuming its sufficiently basified, its completely seperated.

Hcl works fine with limo, its what i use, just don't salt it with a too acidic solution, or drop concentrated hcl through the limo. Every time i used too much hcl, i got goo. It had plenty of mescaline, but i had to oven dry and acetone wash/water re-x a few times to get that nice light tan color i am used to.

Once again, consider doing a resin tek, then dissolving that in warm dilute hcl and filtering, no goo/slime with cooking, you just soak for a few days and decant, repeat 3-5 times, and evaporate. It works best with dehydrated chips or powder if you can decant well, or don't mind filtering alcohols. I just shred it into 1/4" dried pieces to make decanting easier.

This is my favorite way to extract cactus btw. I won't be making tea again, i really, really, hate the slime/snot crap. Just don't get the plant material wet in the first place and its a breeze.

I really hate the 69ron limo/lime semi-dry tek. You get much better surface contact between the np and the polar phase in a liquid liquid, and when you can concentrate it down without turning it into gooey syrup doing a resin tek first, its very effective and i get pretty decent yeilds this way.
one step at a time

try just eating it / making tea

then try making a resin from the tea

then try something a bit more complicated

fasipa/xylene is a phenomenal process. it trumps 69rons for this cat
Acetate is perfect, you just need to make your own acetic acid solution (5%).Forget vinegar, it will render that worthless goo in the picture above.Probably ron'69 used very pure vinegar, but most vinegars in supermarkets have oils,acids and God knows what.His original tech is one of the best out there.If desired (not necessary) it can be purified with MEK.It works every time for a foaf.
Pure acetic acid is sold as "glacial acetic acid" and it's not too hard to find through chemical supply companies.

I had a similar issue to what was described by evil804. Several washes with 5% acetic acid (vinegar) were conducted, and each pulled only a miniscule amount of alkaloids. Something 69ron didn't mention in his tek, if you take all of your acetic acid washes, combine them, and then reduce the whole thing under low heat, as the solution becomes highly concentrated crystals of (presumably) mescaline acetate actually crash out of solution. At this point you can collect them by filtration, and they are white to off white in colour, not that amber resin stuff. The yield one got was terrible though - just under 1% from peruvianus.

I think mixing the basifying agent with cactus powder and minimal water is not the ideal method (it seems like it takes awhile for the plant material to digest and alkaloids to move into the non-polar solution). If one were to do it again, would start instead with a concentrated decoction or alcohol extract of the plant material, then work it up from there.
5% glacial acetic acid+95% water.
pic is from first pull.peruvianus renders 1.5-2%
hcl is awesome but i dont understand why its favored over acetate all the time, probably because swimmers are using that ol dirty vinegar...


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Quick question, having never handled mesc HCl I am curious if a medium porosity frit in a Buchner funnel would be appropriate for filtration from solvent. I have filter paper so if not, not a big deal. I may be able to answer this question with research but hopefully one of you knows.
short answer- "it depends"

are you gassing out crystal direct from NP?
washing crude crystal w/acetone?

fine filter paper is probably best for most applications
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