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TLC Kits are out - link here!

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Still haven't ordered mine because I was waiting for them to appear on Amazon Europe, which they haven't done. Going to (try to) order directly from the States tomorrow.

Just a quick question on this. I'm looking to test these three:


Will all of these be testable with the test kit and which kit will be best for this? And will I be able to get (approx) percentage purity?

I'm presuming there'll be instructions how to do this as I'm pretty clueless regards testing methods :?
Ok, so just watched Raph's video:

and most of the questions above answered :)

He mentions a whole load of videos that are available to check out the color of the dots with reagents or on the chromatography plates. Not sure where those are :?
I'm quite interested in getting this kit and reagents. What is the shelf life of the reagents? Do you have to use it within a couple of months or can you store them for a couple of years?

Btw the bunkpolice website gives me a blank page.
I've let them know about the website :)

The reagents can last some months, some of them year+, specially if you keep them dark dry cold, but I dont remember which lasts more and which last less, I will ask about it and will let you know

Amazing work Endless. I was unaware that the kit was in development, coincidentally this weekend a friend was asking about methods for testing. I told him to dig in to the nexus, yet again the Nexus has delivered. This is a game changer for newbies and the community at large. Much Appreciated.

I encountered same issue with deadlink to website.

Probably worth mentioning a new E-Commerce website Openbazaar which is currently in Beta. I'm guessing your friends at BunkPolice will be interested.

Peer to Peer trading no middlemen no fees, a potentially massive disruptor for the likes of Amazon,Ebay,Paypal and the rest.

Peace Love Light.
Excellent, thanks for the support!

The openbazaar is a great idea, I will be sure to let them know! I think they are already in aome sites in the darkweb but im not sure, either way I love the concept of the openbazaar, will def tell them about it.

By the way, which link is dead?

Be well!
Endlessness, thanks for the important work you are doing.
A question if I may...
I already have all the reagents so i just need the separation test kit but could not find such a product on the lunar website.
Can you advise what specifically I should purchase in order to perform the separation test alone ?
downwardsfromzero, yes and no.. lol.. The thing is that apparently cannabinoid spots dont appear with the UV light, you need to spray the plate with a reagent called Fast Blue B, which Bunk Police isnt selling yet because its quite toxic so I was trying to help them find a better alternative. But appart from that, yes its possible to do some kind of semi-quantification (if we do some previous tests with a reference standard, which I can do once im back in europe), or at least easily compare different samples and see ´which has more or which has less CBD/THC´)

monomind, there used to be a version of the kit without the reagents being sold, apparently they removed from the website im not sure why, I just sent the Bunk Police people an email to ask why and if they can link me to some version without the reagents, I will forward to you as soon as they answer.
endlessness, thank you for taking care of that... 1 more small issue if you may :)
they seem to offer the bigger test pack ( 60 ) with no reagents, any chance you can pull some strings so they offer also the smaller package (30) with no reagents ?

much obliged!
First off, thanks endlessness for all the work.

Now, is there any news in regard to internal EU shipping?

Peace & love

I just sent a message to the person who's setting up the european distribution asking when does it start, I'll post here as soon as he answers.
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