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What is your favorite huasca-like drink?

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The title pretty much says it all.

Aside from what your favorite combination is,
why do you prefer what you do?

Please feel free to compare previous experiences of various combinations.

I personally prefer Mimosa + Rue + Belladonna for EXTREME experiences
and Caapi + Mimosa for more relaxed, guided experiences

I've never had a successful experience with chacruna but, I've also only tried it a few time.
I seem to have a lot of "misses" with brews for some reason.

I haven't tried any other combinations.

Thanks for your input.
Adding Atropa belladonna is very similar to adding Datura stramonium. How much do you add?

SWIM voted for Pharmahausca (THH and DMT), but next to that on the list would have been caapi + chacruna.
69ron said:
Adding Atropa belladonna is very similar to adding Datura stramonium. How much do you add?

SWIM voted for Pharmahausca (THH and DMT), but next to that on the list would have been caapi + chacruna.

The brews are made in bulk.
To average it out though, we'll say that per AYA dose, there's about 1/5 belladonna dose on average.
"belladonna dose" being the minimal amount needed to have a full blown bella experience.

Honestly mixing tropanes with MAOIs scares me even with plenty of experience with them :)
I might step the belladonna amount up some day but, until then ....
I voted ayahuasca with additives becasue I have only drank caapi with chaliponga and caapi alone brews, but I like the alkaloids more from mimosa than chali in changa..I think I would prefer mimosa and chacruna in my brews but have yet to try that..

I have not tried pharma either..soon.
I know I'm being picky here, but please do not call anything that does not have the Caapi vine Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca = Caapi vine. That's what the word means, Caapi vine (aka vine of the dead, vine of the spirits). Ayahuasca doesn't need to have DMT in it to be called Ayahuasca, only the vine.

It's like calling a PVC didgeridoo a Yidaki. A Yidaki is a termite bored Eucalyptus branch that has been cut down and fashioned into a didgeridoo by Aborigine peoples. It's insulting to their culture.

If we're going to use terms from other cultures, let's at least use them correctly.

Sorry, end rant.

Personally I prefer Caapi and Chakruna....but it is very hard to find good quality Chakruna, consistently, from any vendor. So, I usually end up drinking a mix of Chakruna and Chaliponga, or Chaliponga and xtals. I prefer Chakruna and Chaliponga over Xtals. However, in a pinch will use an Ayahuasca (vine only) brew and add xtals to the mix right before storing, since the brew is still very slightly acidic the xtals dissolve quickly.
I changed the thread name acolon but I kinda feel as though we're going down a narrow minded path here.
The text width of thread titles and poll options don't really allow for going into historical detail.

Aside from that, how do you think some people would reply if my list contained

For all intensive purposes, I don't feel I'm disrespecting the true shamans too much posting this poll as it is.
I feel that using the proper names incorrectly is not narrow minded, but rather is being MINDFUL of the historic and traditional ways this most important medicine is named.

You will find that people who use Ayahuasca as a medicine in their lives care deeply about such issues. A quick visit to the Ayaforums will show this...

Also I'm NOT saying that drinking anything other than a traditional Ayahuasca brew is wrong, it's just not Ayahusaca.

It's also simply about calling things by their rightful names. If I called all NP solvents Naphtha, chemists would be upset AND it is confusing to people. A can of DCM or Xylene just isn't the same as Naphtha, sure they can act in simliar ways and can accomplish many of the same things, but they are not the same.

Not to hijack your thread, I'm leaving this alone after this post, I just wanted to comment on your statement about going down a narrow-minded path.

I don't know how people would respond to that title, but another alternative is "What is your favorite mix for oral DMT consumption" or Which combinations of MAOI/DMT for oral consumption"....I'm really not trying to mess your poll up in any way. I just see the misuse of terms too often.
I've only tried DMT + rue extract so I won't vote.

I need to sort my life out and get on some vine and chacruna at some point. I'm not too bothered about other combinations.
my only 5 aya experiences were all caapi/mimosa and they were wonderful...would like to try chacruna and chaliponga at some point..

as for pharma- so far it's only been caapi/DMT changa and a strong caapi tea/smoked DMT combo.

i'll call that a "smokeahuasca" experience ;) it was quite intense.. :shock:

gonna try a pharma journey next week with 200mg THH sublingual followed by 20mg DMT freebase in OJ 5 minutes later. i'm extremely sensitive to the spice so this will probably be an undeniable intro to true pharma...

^^Hmmm I like the sound of this combo a lot...I think if and when I get round to making a home brew, it will be based on this recipe, seeing that I've got all the necessary materials! 8)
Mimosa is very reliable. Most of the mimosa is pretty potent.
Chacruna is often weaker, but once you have a total DMT-induced breakthrough with it, it tends to be a little more overwhelming. It seems it has a wider range of effects.

I often combine chacruna with mimosa, because the mimosa can activate the chacruna when it's too weak on itself.
You don't need much mimosa for that.
Caapi and Mimosa, as said before, seems to be the most CONSISTENT combination available, so that is what I like to work with.

I have had some EPIC breakthroughs with Chacruna, but it is very expensive and inconsistant.

Recently started experimenting with Caapi, Chaliponga, and Mimosa.

It is interesting, the elements different admixtures add. I have lots of inner-body-experiences with Mimosa, it has taken me to the womb, and brings light to planetary injustices that need a voice; Chaliponga is dark, brings visions of the jungle and shamans. Chacruna... is the only time I've ever actually TALKED with plants. I spoke with a Norfolk Pine Tree. He told me everything I had to do, to live in harmony with the earth, and how to live in her protection. Wild synchronicities manifested after that.

There are other times I have made such strong Caapi-only tea, it's made me question the power or purpose of DMT at all. Caapi can do it all on her own when she wants to--entities, OEVs--I don't know if she can trigger endogenous DMT production, or what the full story is. Maybe she just enjoys to make me question everything I think I know. :p

As for blends, one banana, a vanilla pod, and some agave blended with Ayahuasca is an Earth-friendly way to make the tea more palatable. :) The vanilla seems to have euphoric and calming qualities of its own...
I think I like caapi only brews the most really..with either smoked bufotenine or smoked spice..or both..

I have had one very meaningful aya experience brewed with caapi and chaliponga..I will never ever forget the teaching I learned in that journey and the very thought of it can evoke tears of joy over and over..but I find that in general smoked spice is more profound, clearer and the most devine thing I can imagine..but I love caapi only brews taken before I smoke.

I got invited to a ceremony comming up very soon that my friend will be attending with his mother and some other people. A peruvian shaman will be flying here to conduct the ceremony with someone from my city that apprenticed with him for 3 years..a month ago I would have jumped at the chance..but in the last few weeks I have had some incredible experiences with caapi and smoked spice and I feel that the path I have been going on is the way for me..smoked spice has given me sooo much lately I just dont think I need a ceremony with a currandero right now.

I actaully prefer mushrooms to a full aya brew with light I think..I find mushrooms to be the most profound orally active psychedelic I have ever encountered..although I have never brewed with mimosa so who knows..

I am also sort of reluctant to go into that space now with a whole bunch of people there with me and some guy chanting over me, shaman or not..I feel the best when I do this stuff alone so I am still undecided about attending the ceremony. The people running the veremony told my friend they thought I was crazy for doing this stuff alone, haha but I find it to be the other way around..I think that it might be huge distraction for me to do it there..

I will be goin to peru eventaully though and drinking ayahuasca there so I am in no hurry
acolon_5 said:
I feel that using the proper names incorrectly is not narrow minded, but rather is being MINDFUL of the historic and traditional ways this most important medicine is named.

I totally agree. Let's keep the names right. If we don't do that one day we will not understand each other. The words won't have any meaning. Calling something Ayahuasca that doesn't include caapi is simply wrong. That is NOT Ayahuasca and should NOT be called Ayahuasca!
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