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"Whipping" acacia goo

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I posted about a week ago on having to store rootbark/water/lye and heptane.

It was left for a whole week, being stirred twice during that time. When I came back, the heptane was neon yellow. It's been left to evaporate in a garage over the last 4 days but it's been in the mid to low 60s in there for a few days and still hasn't finisbed evaporating but knowing acacia, it's looking like I'll have yellow goo.

Can you just whip it like people whip BHO Cannabis extracts to get a drier product? It's all going on mint leaf or in Changa anyway but I can't stand loosing it as it sticks to everything it touches.
Simply solve it in a small amount of acetone or IPA, it will dissolve readily with a little agitation. Then place the herb/ changa mixture in, stir around to ensure even coverage, evap and presto!
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