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Why you should grow your own Botanicals!

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I think everybody should grow their own botanicals and here is why!

A) Conservation- Many ethnobotanical plants are in danger of extinction, but this is not true for all ethnobotanicals, however most ALL psychoactive plants are under pressure from government organizations which would likely be happy if these amazing plants went extinct (See the U.S. policy on Peyote for an example). So it is up to us, the ethnobotanical community to preserve these plants and save them for future generations.

B) Legality- I think that eventually the ethnobotanical trade will be taken notice of, this is already happening in the U.S. with Salvia and in Russia they banned a number of smoking herbs including Lotus.

I believe by growing our own ethnobotanicals we can take pressure off the ethnobotanical companies and "fly under the radar".

C) Potency/Freshness- Freshness of the ethnobotanicals material can mean the difference between having a profound entheogenic experience and getting sick and claiming "this shit doesn't work". I believe most ALL ethnobotanicals "work" but it's a matter of knowing how to work with the plants and get super fresh, potent plant material.

D) Selective Breeding- ??

E) Respect- ???

I'm not saying that you must produce all the ethnobotanical material that you use (such as mimosa bark), I'm just saying that you should at least have 1 or 2 plants of each species you use, as back up, so to speak, as well as continuing to order the material.

We ask a community must restrict and police ourselves if we wish for the government to stay out of our business.

SWIM completely agrees...he is working on collecting as many plants as he can...and then hes going to propagate as many as he can

you definitely want backup ;)
I already grow my own Salvia and it's a lot of fun :)

I like plants and growing things very much. Now I looking for something that contains DMT and something that containts b-carbolines. Maybe they will be chakruna or mimosa and syrian rue.

I live in a small flat so I can't grow trees :) maybe bonsai-s :)
What species would you recommend for the southeastern united states, Coatl'?

I'm in SC, U.S.A. and I can easily cultivate both Psychotria viridis and B. caapi without the use of a greenhouse (they make great house plants over the winter).
It's definately the way forward. I'm back living with my folks at the moment, so I'm very limited with what I can grow. Just about 4 cacti at the moment, but I have 1000 peruvianus seeds that I'm trying to germinate... think I'm using to moist a soil though, will keep trying. I need to get my hands on a few good salvia strains as well. Once I find my feet and have a bit more of a permanent residence, I'll start on some larger projects like caapi and maybe mimosa if I can get the growing environment just right.

Mainly I want a hell of a lot of cacti because I love having them around :) Especially the peyotes which I won't harvest but just love to have around.

One things for sure, is that I don't want the law of the land deciding I express myself spiritually and as much as i LOVE getting cool packages in the mail, there's just something amazing about going in for the long ride with your own supplies.
^kinda sucks moving back home..I moved back home a while ago as well cus I was poor and wanted to focus on some school..and my dad charges me less rent so..

But I seriousily need to get out of here soon! My small room is getting filled with too many plants and cacti..and I even have an indoor greenhouse thing for cuttings and smaller plants right beside where I sleep on the floor..I need my own place to get a decent grow area set up or something..my dad knows what all my plants are he doesnt care so its all right for now..but I need somewhere more permanent to set things up the way I really want to..

I was renting a basement with a friend a while back that would have been perfect with a backyard and everything but the landlord was crazy and hated plants..people seem to get paranoid about plants unless you are some old gardner lady!..

Eventually I want my own yard so I can build a large greenhouse and grow tropical entheogens year round..
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