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A Meditation Thread

Migrated topic.
First of all just reading your article brought me into a meditative state (greatly appreciated :) ).
I understand that meditation can be difficult to understand because it takes alot of practice that in turn becomes wisdom.
Throughout my daily life i want to become more relaxed and enjoy life as it is, not too serious but at the same time i always do my best because i want to achieve greatness. This greatness is for me to set goals and achieve them or at least strive to achieve and move the post.

You gave me a reminder to actually practice sitting meditation more often because, i feel like the skill that i learned from meditation always fade if i dont keep practicing. And this is the same with everything else.
We give so much importance to life that we forget how to rest. If we understand that rest is one of our basic needs that also will help you to create a better life for yourself in many ways.
Yes, indeed. In the end, our brains are a lot like muscles - very formable, but also subject to "use it or loose it". If possible, it is best to meditate every day. Much better to do 10 minutes every day than 70 minutes once a week.

I found talks by respected teachers very good for motivation. Shinzen Young has a ton of great material on Youtube. Also, you might like Mingyur's stuff:

A guided meditation
Practice Archives - Tergar Learning Community More guided meditations by Mingyur

Very different style than Shinzen's, but I like them both a lot.
This thread has continued to bring a greater light, collectivelly, within the community here. Much of the aim of any true, heartfelt endeavor is the specificity of sheerest intent and the degree of focused attention towards the artful science of deep meditation. Sweeter than honey, sweeter than wine! :thumb_up:
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