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blowing bubbles of Consciousness

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Many moons ago san pedro showed me my reality in another octave, so to speak.
Consciousness takes many forms. Sometimes you can send packets through space at light speed,
or leave them in certain places for certain times.
All you have to do is f o c u s

s'why they say be careful what you wish for...
I'm sure many of you have crawled back into your statuesque bodies
wondering who else could come up to the window of your eyes.

One night I could see these mandalas//orbs floating around and I would absorb them. (sometimes even having a taste)
A lot of them were dreams. Some even seemed to be key-like.

Third eye bubbles are swift, most of the time going unnoticed by their intended receivers Today. (And who actually is intending on casting consciousness?????)
Love bubbles are buoyant.
Throat bubbles spill all over the ground, into the ground itself, sprouting everything from flowers to bomb proof trash cans on the side walk-
and this is just metaphoric, yet becomes visually apparent
in the game.

The wheel of ever-changing flow drips unique droplets into the mix.

Love seriously creates a worm hole between you and whatever it is you are loving.

If you listen,
you can hear the future leaking in
right before it does.
something to ponder:

who/what is singing the galaxies into existence?

I love how slow everything seems out there
until you Zoom in.
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