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Bufotenine Extraction

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Well what I did there was extract from the basified fumerate salts with acetone:naphtha, just to cut a step out. But with all the sodium carbonate that was floating about, it may be a better idea to just pull from the basified material with acetone, then allow to evap at room temperature, then by looking a what you have left you can judge if further toasting is required.

It should be able to dry quite hard before the toxin removal stage, if not toast it until it does. There seems to be a gooey alkaloid present that easier to remove via toasting than via solvent washes.
What about doing so:
toast seeds
grind them
add sodium carbonate with distilled water, stir
let it dry
put the seeds in a jar with DCM
Mix, shake the hell for some minutes, let it rest for few hours, shaking sometime
filter the DCM

From what I know freebase bufotenine should be soluble in DCM, but does it freeze precipitate, so that I can use the DCM again?
Is this tek possible? Here's so difficoult to find fumaric acid! (and also DCM wasn't easy, though)


Bufotenine will not freeze precipitate out of DCM. SWIM tried it before.

Bufotenine is soluble in boiling xylene, but insoluble in room temperature xylene. That’s the best crystallization solvent for bufotenine that I know of. But its dangerous to boil xylene (it could catch fire), and very smelly.
So, doing like I've said but without freeze precipitation, just by letting the DCM evaporating, should I obtain something?

Thanks for answers
arimane said:
So, doing like I've said but without freeze precipitation, just by letting the DCM evaporating, should I obtain something?

Thanks for answers

The seeds contain a ton of fats and oil. You should defat about 8 times or more with DCM before freebasing the bufotenine, then you'll get a better product. But you didn't mention a defat step so you'll get a sticky amber mess with a ton of oil in it because you didn't defat the seeds with DCM before extracting into DCM.

If you don't mind a little extra work and you already have the bufotenine in the DCM without defatting first, you can extract the bufotenine out of the DCM with acidic water (you only need 2 extractions), and then basify the water and extract with DCM again about 6 times. That will get you a much cleaner product, but it will still be sticky and contain a lot of the nauseating toxins in it. It won't be pure bufotenine, but it will be free of most of the fats and oils.
Did 69ron's tech in the second post. Used 20g of vilca seeds and got 0.25g of bufo. 1.25% yeild.

Mixed the 0.25g of bufo into
1g of DMT,
0.5 g of 10 x caapi leaf
0.5 g of caapi leaf

then mixed in 0.5g of iboga leaf once dry.

Nice... but a little nauseating. and in my experience Bufotenine definitely lasts longer in your system.
Ive got my 1st bufo extraction goin now. I'm about to freebase the fumarates and pull with MEK:heptane. Just one question tho. Does MEK need to be dried like acetone? I could find any reference tpo anhydrous MEK when I googled it so I'm guessing not.
Alrighty I got some of my fums from the FASA turned into crude fb last night and pulled with 2:3 MEK:heptane. I let it sit out over night and its nearly down to the amount of heptane that I put in the mix, but its still smells like MEK and I don't see any precipitation. Is this because the MEK and the heptane are evaporating together? I was under the impression that the MEK would evaporate first leaving the bufo in the heptane as xtals. Should I just evap all the solvent I guess? Probably should have used more fumarate but I wanted to keep some in that form for the longer shelf life.
I just could not get th gunk to stick when I tried MEK then adding heptane like it says to do with acetone & naptha in the no-smell tek. I used the mix (2:3 MEK:heptane) premixed and it left some behind. After evaporating the solvent I enden up with a lighter brown goo. I tried over but just couldn't get it cleaner. So I just got done with a xylene boil. It turned a light yellow but I don't see clouding yet. Bufo should be insoluble in xylene period so I shouldn't have to reduce the volum should I? Its only about 75ml of xylene. t
I laid off this experiment for a while because the purification is just to tedious. I still have some brown gunk no matter what I do. For now I am re-xing all my gunk in xylene then plan to re-x several more times. I found this from a paper by Ott today though and plan to try it out in the near future. Anyone tried this? It seems easy, for me at least.
Pharmanopo-Psychonautics:Human Intranasal said:
ISOLATION AND PURIFICATION OF BUFOTENINE FREE-BASECoarse-ground powder of 125g of seeds of A. colubrina var. Cebil was stirred twice for eight hours in 500 ml of 96% ethanol 1% tartaric acid, the combined filtrates concentrated to 150 ml and diluted with 200 ml water in a separatory-funnel, causing precipitation of considerable fat. The pH was adjusted to 3-4 with concentrated hydrochloric acid, and the solution defatted by shaking six times with chloroform, which was set aside. The defatted extract was basified to pH 8-9 with ammonium hydroxide, then again extracted eight times with 200 ml chloroform; the combined chloroform extracts were concentrated to a foamy, yellowish oil that dissolved completely in 50 ml hot ethyl acetate, then concentrated to 15 ml and refrigerated overnight. In the morning there were a brace of minuscule rosettes of dark-brownish crystals
Pharmanopo-Psychonautics:Human Intranasal said:
...growing at the base of the flask, which was alternated between periods under refrigeration and standing unstoppered at room temperature during 48 hours, leading to the formation of large masses (some greater than 1cm) of dark-brownish, prismatic crystals. The mother-liquor was decanted and the crystalline mass rinsed with cold ethyl acetate dried over magnesium sulfate, then dried under reduced pressure to yield 4.1 g of large, free-flowing, sparkling brownish crystals. These were twice recrystallized from dry ethyl acetate, yielding 3.87 g of off-white bufotenine free-base crystals (3. 10%), m.p. 125-126' C.
I have ethyl acetate and can easily get the HCl. Could the tartaric acid be replaced by HCl? I'm guessing yes but how much should be used? If nobody has done this before I guess I will just have to give it a shot
xtechre said:
Has anyone tried Limo salting basified Cebil extractions?

I'm not sure I get this as freebase bufotenine isn't soluble in limonene anyways so you can really get it in there in the first place unless you heat it a fair bit. Even then if you salted the alkaloids out, the toxins will come out too.

Limonene may work in place of naphtha for changing the polarity of acetone containing cebil alkaloids though.
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