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Bufotenine Extraction

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69ron said:
Acetone Citrate Bufotenine Precipitation Tech

* Coarsely grind 100 grams of Vilca seeds.
* Add 1 part pickling lime (calcium hydroxide) and mix in enough water to make it wet. NOTE: sodium carbonate works as a substitute for lime in all steps of this extraction tech.
* Mix for about 10 minutes and let it dry completely. There must not be any water present at all before going to the next step.
* Dissolve the mix in 500 ml of dry acetone. Filter out the solids. Repeat with more acetone until the acetone is nearly clear.
* Evaporate the acetone down to about 100 ml.
* Add 10% citric acid solution to the acetone until no more precipitation is seen. It will take about 30 ml of 10% citric acid solution for 100 grams of seeds. NOTE: to make the citric acid solution, dissolve 10 grams of citric acid in 100 ml of dry acetone. I will take a while for the citric acid to dissolve in the acetone, so prepare this solution several hours ahead of time.
* Carefully pour out the acetone leaving behind the precipitates. Discard the acetone.
* Dry the precipitates completely leaving crude bufotenine citrate and other junk. Bufotenine citrate is a goo and not very active. You don’t want it in this form.
* Slowly mix in lime until the goo becomes a dry powder. Then add water to make the mix wet and mix for about 10 minutes and let the mix dry completely. There must not be any water present at all before going to the next step.
* Grind the mix to a powder. Dissolve in 100 ml acetone and filter out the solids. Repeat with more acetone until the acetone is nearly clear.
* Evaporate the collected acetone to get nearly pure freebase bufotenine.

Imagine someone did this, and then wanted to extract any 5-MEO afterwards, and the NN- too, why not. Or maybe it turned out he was sold the wrong seeds so got a poor bufo yield, and wanted to extract then 5-MEO and NN- that was still in the seed and lime mix. How would this person continue these stages of his extraction? Let's imagine he wants the 5-MEO first because he hasn't had any of that before.

Let's also imagine this person would at this point already be saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" for this tek!

Also, a supplier said there isn't such thing as food grade acetone, and that the best you can hope for is 'virgin' acetone- is this true?
One could drop out any DMT in the acetone used to initially extract the seeds by adding FASA after first filtering out the Bufo. One would have to wait overnight, as it takes a while to convert the DMT citrate to DMT fumarate.

This might also work with 5-MeO-DMT, if 5-MeO-DMT citrate is acetone soluble and 5-MeO-DMT fumerate is not. I have no idea if that's true or not.

I wouldn't know if that would be worthwhile or not, though. It's rare for A. colubrina to have a worthwhile quantity of anything but Bufo.
69ron said:
SWIM noticed that there is a way to get complete white crystals with this method. If you submerged a piece of cold metal into the boiling xylene and remove it, it’s covered with pure white bufotenine crystals. This happens because the metal is cold. When the melted bufotenine touches in the metal, it cools down below it’s melting point, is no longer soluble in the xylene, and so it sticks to the metal. It’s sort of like a “cold finger” effect used during sublimation.

Does anyone have any idea on how to better utilize this effect? Could one put a cold finger directly in the boiling xylene? Would that crack the cold finger?

Have you tried this some more?
Does it seem to be of any use?
Anyway, it sounds cool, gave me an idea...
If it's working or just sci-fi is for someone else to decide...I dont have any xylene=)
...maybe 4 plates is a little overkill but you get the concept.


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Very nice idea. And querkily done too ;)

That would definately work.

Would some of the solution soak into the rod though at such a high temperature?

Couldn't the rod be metal too?.. I suppose it does deflect the crystals onto the plates better though.

Nice one :)
I need some clarifacation.

1. Heating the mix causes unwanted oils to evaporate and breaks down unwanted toxins.

2. Some have said that the black goop could be somewhat added to because of bufotenine N-oxide.

3. Heat accelerates oxidisation.

So although bufotenine has a high boiling point, could unecassary heating lead to oxidisation of the molecule in a way that's inconvenient in the long run?
soulfood said:
Very nice idea. And querkily done too ;)

That would definately work.

Would some of the solution soak into the rod though at such a high temperature?

Couldn't the rod be metal too?.. I suppose it does deflect the crystals onto the plates better though.

Nice one :)

Yeah a metal rod would probably do better=)...to bad i can't try this myself=(

...Just thought of another idea=)
If one where to pour the solution directly into a
pree-freezed metal bowl, would that work?...maybe it would crack...
69ron said:
* Dissolve the mix in 500 ml of dry acetone. Filter out the solids. Repeat with more acetone until the acetone is nearly clear.
Have you any idea what the optimal amount of time is for leaving the dry acetone in the mix for? SWIM thought 15 minutes and stirring, giving three pulls of 500ml, 200ml and 200ml. All three came out a dark 'urine' yellow orange (and he spilt 2/3 of it :( ), so he figures he can still pull more. How much acetone does SWIY get through at this stage?

An aside- SWIM's citric acid dissolved immediately into the 100ml of dry acetone, for some reason.
SWIM wanted to post the following. It is not yet a tek but maybe something to explore further :

SWIM had this very dark brown almost solid (but not totally) extract from MEK. When bioassayed (smoked), that extract caused belly and head pressure.

SWIM dissolve 150 mg in 1 ml of MEK. Then he add 4 ml of naphta. The blend become very milky, some brown stuff crash out at the bottom of the tube. SWIM pour it in another tube (the brown stick to the first tube).
The liquid is still milky after a while.
SWIM add 4 ml of ammonia and shake the whole.Two layeres are now forming. The naphta is NO MORE MILKY and become quite clear (slightly pale yellow). The ammonia layer is a deeper yellow.
It seems that the ammonia 'wash' out the naphta. The naphta is removed, and the ammonia is evaporated.
A remaining yellow film is scrapped and become darker in a matter of hours. It is weighted at 60 mg. However it is much more solid than the initial dark caramel.

Once bioassayed, the ammonia extract was quite easy to smoke, and no heavy pressure was felt !!
Noman said:
Here’s a simple tech that anyone can do.

* Boil the powdered beans covered in plenty of water (made pH 3 with hydrochloric acid, or just use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water). Filter out the beans. You might want to do this a few times to get all the alkaloids.
* Evaporate the water extract down to a syrupy consistency. You can use an oven at 175 F to evaporate your stuff if you like. It’s best to use a commercial food dehydrator for this.
* To your syrup add alcohol (91% isopropyl alcohol is great), enough to make it easy to poor. Mix it for a minute or so. Solids will forms.
* Filter out the solids that form and discard them.
* Evaporate your alcohol down to a syrupy consistency.
* To your thick syrup add calcium hydroxide (pickling lime for cooking), enough to make a paste. Mix it thoroughly. It should start to smell like ammonia. Let it sit for many hours. Once the ammonia smell is gone, the reaction is complete. Instead of aweful acidic bufotenine you now have the superior calcium bufotenate in your extract.

I always keep coming back to this tek wondering why it's not talked about more.

I'm mainly talking about the bit after you boil down the water to a syrupy consistancy and then add the ISO. Does anyone know what these solids are that fall out of the mix?

I'm thinking about doing this tek up to the part where you filter these solids out, then carry on to do the acetone pull/evap then do an mek:heptane purifacation.

Really though is there anything wrong with this tek besides use of calcium hydroxide which can be risky?
The Graal here is to get crystals. I doubt this can be achived with such a 'simple' tek. It's quite easy to get some active stuff, but what all SWIMS (I guess) are hoping is to find a way to get active stuff with no or just minor side effects.
Beans contains some thing(s) that cause unpleasant side effects (nausea, headaches). How to get rid of it ? Getting 99% pure bufo seems one key but that's tricky.
So far I guess only Ron's SWIM get it and he used DCM to defat the beans.
Maybe. It's just interesed me that many who got smokeable results started with an acidic water extraction and those who started with acetone mainly got unsmokeable product.
who started with acetone mainly got unsmokeable product.

SWIM started freebasing then did acetone. The result was smokeable (but with strong body load). A xylene boil followed by a mix mek:naphta helped to get an extract producing a bit less side effects but still very dark.

The darkest part of the darkest extract SWIM get was easily dissolved in vinegar. Some hexane+heptane was poured into the liquid and the non-polar solvent remained absolutly clear. Whatever that black stuff is, what makes it dark is non soluble in heptane+hexane. That dark stuff is maybe some quite pure N-bufotenine... ?
I have a solution of highly impure cebil extract ph 4 with citric acid. I add sodium carbonate to raise to ph 11 and a white fluffly powder like substance starts crashing out.

What is it?
I just tested about 10 mg of crude bufo extract and it's wonderful..no head tension or nausea AT ALL..i feel very euphoric and mildy psychedelic, like A small hit of lSD or maybe some mushrooms without the body load. Colors are very pleasing to look at and things are enhanced a bit..music is definatily enhanced..I drank a bit of coffee right before as well becasue I heard it synergises well..

My extraction was simple...I toated the seeds in the oven for 30 minutes at 400...grinded them up with a mortar and pestle..mixed in sodium carbonate and water to make the paste..let it dry, then toasted it again the same as before..pulled 2 times with 99% iso, filtered out some of the crap that dropped out later on, evaporated it..it was sort of sticky and gooey after when I scraped it up so I put it near a heater in a dish for 2 days and it didnt harden up at all, it just stayed sticky..so I toasted the extract once more the same as before but only for 15 minutes and then let it dry and its more flakey and less sticky now..

Even with the unextracted snuff which I still enjoy there is some tension and nuasea, but it's not there with the dose of extract I just smoked..only the good effects I am feeling..very plea:) sant..and soooo soo much easier on the lungs I will have to try it a few more times to verify this for sure..it could be that the coffe is blocking some of the vasoconstriction..but I took the seeds a few nights ago while stargazing a the beach with some coffe and I did get the constriction and tension that time..

I am planning on making changa with it along with some freebase harmala's so I am quite pleased that those negative effects dont seem to be there..so they wont be amplified by the maoi's..

I still want to try for nice crystals one day..but boiling discusting solvents sounds sooo unappealing:? ..unless I get other seeds when I run out of my stash that aren't giving me the same effects..
So I just tested the same dose and the effects are the same...sitting here with headphones listening to some beautiful music and I feel great..got some nice mellow visuals..and no tolerancy it seems..

Iknow 60ron said tolerancy from bufo is 3 days..but some say that about smoked spice as well...spice for me seems to only have tolerancy for a few hours, and none at all when I add MAOI's..so maybe bufo is the same...or maybe more tolerancy happens when it's used every day..perhaps everyone's body is differnet.

Im liking this stuff more and more:d ...might be good for dancing at psy parties and festivals..seems contollable at low to mid level doses anyway..I feel real psychedelic but calm and collective at the same time..very empathic.

I cant find it anymore but I read somewhere last week that Bufo hits more of the same receptors as LSD as compared to DMT...kinda interested me and made me want to experiment more and more with it..alot of people like LSD more than DMT/psilocybin for recreation/music and dancing etc, and I know ron says that 5meo has alot in common with LSD in mental effects when he uses it sublingually..so maybe it has something to do with the 5 position substitution....I wish I could find that source that said that...
I think you've finally convinced me to give up on stubborn, complex extractions... it sounds like you're having some pretty good results with your own method :)

How much effort is it to smoke? Do you need to smoke a large amount to notice anything? And do you get the tingly feeling in your head when it's coming on?
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