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DMT tastes very bad/chemical and numbs my lips


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I have used DMT first time last Summer with a vape pen, ever since i got it from a certain early timeline and never had any problems. i have tried it at first with 510 vape pens, later with sub ohm coils with 18650 battery kits. i never had any problems. the DMT always tasted very earthy (kinda like smelling fresh mycelium) or like the smell of masks made of rubber/gum.

the DMT from then always looked slightly yellowish and very clear fine powder. i always mixed it in 50vg/pg juice 1gram per ML and put it in hot water bath. the juice was yellow and clear.

then (out of curiousity) i got some DMT from somewhere else, the DMT was also yellowish, but when i mixed it into ejuice, it had little white dots remaining in it that didnt dissolve (i didnt think anything of it), but when i tried it, the DMT taste was very chemical, as if i was vaping benzin/gas/parfume and it made my throat burn and my lips felt like becoming numb. i took a smell from my PG afterwards and it smelled a bit like parfume, so i assumed that it was because of the PG.

then finally, some mimosa bark and heptane fell from the sky and i wanted to try extracting it myself for the first time. i did everything exactly by the Gordotek method (but with heptane instead of naphta) and all bowls and instruments used for the extraction have been newly bought, wiped with 70% isopropyl and made out of stainless steel or glass. the environment was very clean and everything has been sterilized and cleaned properly.

so after the reduction, i put the solvent into a glass bowl and put it slightly tilted into the freezer and left it there over night. the crystals came out completely WHITE. (i didnt recrystallize) on the next day i rotated the plate and left it there for another night.
on the 3rd day, i discarded the solvent and left the crystals openly on a bowl with a weak fan blowing on it and let it dry for another entire day.
then as with all the other DMT, i put it in a hot water bath with ejuice and again i saw white little dots that didnt dissolve and the liquid looked only very slightly yellowish, less yellow than the other ejuice i got from before.

however the taste was exact the same as from the second DMT. it was extremely chemical and my lips tingled/got numb and i just couldnt smoke it.
that has made me figure that the second DMT was shit, just like the DMT i extracted myself. the liquid (PG) was never the problem.

i personally have no idea what this is and why this happens, but i think there is still solvent remaining with the DMT and i wanted to ask what i can do to improve the experience and extract and vape the DMT so its just as awesome as from the first DMT. can i maybe heat the crystals in a bowl without solvent so it melts and then freeze it again without adding any additional solvent into it?
should i let the crystals give more time to dry? should i let it dry in a vacuum? has anyone ever had a similar experience and can tell me what this is?
i have read in another thread here that this taste is normal and im supposed to get used to it, but after vaping the DMT from supplier1, there is no way for me to have any less of an experience than from the first DMT. pls help me
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Ofc 🤦‍♂️I somehow forgot to read in German 😆 You might want to save that heptane for recrystallizing your product, and use ordinary otc naphtha for the initial extractions if you're planning on doing any more.

The rationale and implementation DMT citrate in vape juice can be found here:
These effects can also happen if you burn it.

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but i have always used the same voltage and i also had this effect on 510 vapes that dont power that hot
but good to know thanks

however i heard somewhere that white dmt burn faster than yellow, is this true?
also i remember that burnt dmt tastes very different than what i am describing

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Always best to extract one's own spice so bravo for making that choice. If you did your extraction even vaguely well, there should be no lye in there but as far as solvent goes, hard to be sure. It is definitely important to fully dry your crystals. Actually I chop up any crystals or larger chunks until it's a powder and chop and mix that a lot througout the drying process.

Did I read correctly? Are you placing an open tray with solvent in it into your freezer? If so, are other (food) items in that freezer? I hope I got that wrong.

Freebase DMT has a very high pH and is by definition caustic.

I recall vaping and yep burning gigantic doses of spice in my early dayz and yep I'd get the numb lips and the weird feeling teeth and so much more.

My sense is you are evolving towards the right path and are probably a bit more anxious than necessary. But I am very glad you have concerns and are asking questions.

I do hope you keep us posted.
Are you placing an open tray with solvent in it into your freezer?
no, i wrap the tray in foil before putting it into freezer.
i didnt chop up the crystals for drying, so i will do that next time.
also i will try to wash my spice with soda as suggested from the "should i wash my spice" link

probably a bit more anxious than necessary.
not that im really anxious, its just unenjoyable after knowing that vaping DMT can be completely without the bad taste and numb lips.
so anyway guys, i am about to order the washing soda along with other stuff and i will attempt to wash the spice, but there is another thing i'd like to mention.
i have talked to 3 other people about this. one of them is a professional chemist and the other 2 are hobby chemists. ALL of them said that due to the properties of heptane, it shouldnt be possible to free the DMT completely from the solvent without heating, they say just drying isn't enough. can someone else confirm this? if yes, whats the best way to work around it?
does the washing soda have to be food grade? cant find that kind of quality on amazon :(
Food grade sodium carbonate can be produced at home by heating sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This can be achieved using a pyrex dish in an oven or a microwave, but my preference is to use a stainless steel pan on a cooker hob since it's fun to watch the powder levitating during the decomposition as carbon dioxide and water vapour are emitted. Once no more water vapour comes off, you have anhydrous sodium carbonate.

Make sure you use pure sodium bicarbonate, NOT baking powder, otherwise you'll just end up with a useless mess. Bicarbonate of soda should be available cheaply OTC.
Which native language? I can do chemistry in most European languages, if there's anything you're having trouble with understanding (like "get sodium bicarbonate from a supermarket and heat it to produce the carbonate"…);)
but i do understand the sentence, i can also get sodium carbonate in food grade quality from other websites, its just less convenient than amazon
but if there is something i should know about like, how long to cook, what temp etc, i think i can understand all of it in english too
Backnatron, Hausnatron, "Kaisernatron" can be found in any Drogeriemarkt and many supermarkets, Bioladen too (e.g. Natura brand, 250 g for about €2 or 3, www.natura.de). All are natriumhydrogencarbonat, E500.

Heating in a CLEAN stainless steel pan until it stops "levitating" and the water all evaporates takes roughly ten minutes. Sodium bicarbonate partially decomposes even if you pour boiling water on it so you only need to heat it to ca. 120°C for the full conversion.
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