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GPT-4o Generated Speculative Salvinorin-A Buccal Film TEK, A.I Caution.

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Hi everyone,

Look at this post with cautionary eyes. My curiosity got the best of me, and I assume it will for other people as well eventually.

I have no idea if this TEK actually works or not. Do not try to make this at home. I am not a chemist. I think it is pertinent to show how a chemistry naive person with access to the internet can ask A.I to generate something for them that is potentially extremely powerful/dangerous in the psychedelic space. I scraped information off the forum and several applied for patents to prompt GPT.

Here is a link to the conversation I had with the model

If this is not appropriate for the forum in general, mods, please feel free to remove. If the comments on this go more into the intersections of A.I Ethics and this community, mods please move it to the correct thread.

IMO, the best way to consume Salvinorin-A has not been discovered or formulated. I think a buccal film ala Listerine pocket strips would be amazing.
To be able to use A.I. correctly you have to be an expert in the field you are using it for.

If not then you will not be able to see the subtle hallucinations and seemingly random mistakes it makes.

So no, if you are not an expert in this field do not trust A.I. for serieus stuff like this.

What it can do though is peak the interest of our experts and have them philosophy over the hypothetical validity of the A.I. claims.

Kind regards,

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