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Karmic/Molecular Modification Preformed by DMT Entities

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Last weekend I had the most intense breakthrough experience of my life with DMT, vaporized out of a brand new GVG with a concentrate pad.

This is my first post here on this lovely forum by the way. At some point I may do a full trip report about this experience (as I remember a lot), talk a bit more about myself, describe my vast (near two decade long) psychedelic history, etc. But for now, I’d just like to make a post about this one specific aspect of this breakthrough to see if anyone here can relate.

So, I’m cruising through hyperspace at a speed I didn’t even know was possible (talk about information overload!). Eventually I hit this stage (I’d say midway through the ‘trip’) which I would describe as a ‘new screen’. This was accompanied by the smaller numerous entities (the ones that had previously been jumping in and out of my chest, if that rings any bells).

A structure is shown to me here. I immediately recognize this structure as pertaining to my spirit. I’ve seen this type of thing in full clear picture only once before, and that was on the most enlightening LSD trip I’ve ever had (about 15 years ago). And, I only got there through diving deeper and deeper in what most would describe as a meditative state, this was also outside on a beautiful night during an amazing meteor shower, which I truly believe helped to amp things up several fold. It was a magical life-transforming night.

Anyway, so the entities show me this form. “OK, that’s my spirit”. Then they show me another form that was about 98% similar but for lack of a more detailed description more ascetically pleasing, stronger in nature and with less riffraff. The entities say “would you like us to fix this”. Meaning change my current structure to this ‘upgraded’ one. I respond “Yes”.

Then I feel this huge tremendous wave throughout my being (actually like a thousand small waves). It’s both positive and negative in nature, but I can feel whatever changes being made were ultimately for my greater good. At this point I also began sweating profusely in the physical realm, which is strange as up until then I had been unconscious of my physical body sitting cross legged on my sofa, but the sweating I could absolutely feel, mainly coming from my forehead. Then…

New screen: Next structure. Same thing as before but this time much quicker 'communication'. They show me my current structure (a different one then before), purpose this slightly upgraded one and I just project “Do it”. Again, huge waves go through my body/mind and more sweating. (On a side note: I have a feeling these specific entities really dig when you don’t make them have to explain things when not necessary and can communicate back instantly without a hint of waver and with full trust)

After this the trip goes somewhere else fun which I can’t recall all that well until I ultimately started ‘coming down’ (which I can recall well, first time flicking my eyes open was like I was on a sheet of LSD!). This ‘upgrading’ though was only done to two structures but I have a feeling there are something like six. No idea why, but that’s what my intuition tells me, and if there is one thing psychedelics have taught me is to have a faith in my intuition.

So, has anyone experienced something similar or have any idea of what this was all about?? When I saw these sort of structures before (which look something like a molecular structure crossed with a constellation but made of pure light) is that it’s my inherent karmic pattern (or the similar). I very well could be off on this but when I saw them on my enlightening LSD trip 15 years ago that I mentioned above that was my impression. Other potentials could be my DNA or some molecule('s) in my body. Absolutely though I recognized these two specific structures as pertaining to my spirit/energy/being.

Regardless I’ve felt amazing and ‘like new’ ever since this breakthrough, so whatever they did was definitely cool by me!

Any and all thoughts are appreciated. Love this forum by the way! Been cruising around it quite a bit in recent days.
SWIM has never seen a molecular structure or similar during any of SWIM's breakthrough trips. But SWIM has heard of a similar story, of someone witnessing the visual progression of the breakdown of a cell into molecules into atoms, during a breakthrough trip. Can you MS Paint or Photoshop your experience as accurately as you can remember? Doesn't matter if it's fuzzy, all post-breakthrough recollections are always somewhat fuzzy.
swimwithlove said:
....during any of SWIM's breakthrough trips...
This is getting craaaaazy....... you actually do mean the SWIM, correct?

Mr Machine said:
...This ‘upgrading’ though was only done to two structures....

:) hello

Accord. to a legend, it could (?) have to do with the jivas.....some ancient texts about the righteous Dūraoša tell us that people who extracted Him/Her/Them were upgraded with good sons (daughters?). Perhaps deep inside, you await six (6) children and two (2) (jivas) have been pimped??? Anyway, that is just a legend.......(not to be taken very seriously)

A different pimp we experienced was this. Why not incl. harmal(as) as in changa, haoma, ayahuasca...etc :thumb_up: :thumb_up: :thumb_up: :thumb_up:
For extra clean, clear clarity strenght?
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