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Maoi headaches and sedation with rue AND caapi

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(SWIM knows that mimosa isn't real ayahuasca)

SWIM has done mimosahuasca twice including this time. The first time was 28g of (not inner) root bark and 3.5g worth of brewed syrian rue.

During the first trip SWIM was tripping just at the threshold of visuals, though it felt a lot harder due to the side effects, he had a feeling of a "big head" and a slight headache and some sedation for the duration. It made the trip very difficult despite it not being very spiritually intense.

SWIM also took his rue brew with 7 HBWR and got the same feeling.

SWIM chose not to take rue again

SWIM just came down from a very light dose, at least for him, of 12g mimosa w/ 45g caapi. He didn't get any visuals, just felt "not sober"

But after 2 hours SWIM started getting the exact same feeling. He also got a fair amount of sedation, so much so that he layed down in the dark for 1.5 hours midway through the trip.

it is very unpleasant and it makes SWIM somewhat scared to try again.

SWIM was thinking that maybe he is sensitive to RIMA's like harmalas but he tried the same 45g of caapi with 50g freebase dissolved in juice and felt nothing at all.

Could anyone lay any insights on this, is this common?

I hear the body load with Rue is wicked.

I have personally experienced wicked body load with HWBR.

12g Mimosa... makes my jaw drop and hit the floor! That would send me to the ER. :shock:

My advice would be to work with more Caapi, loving Caapi. Double the vine and cut the Mimosa by 1/4 (then adjust as needed). Finding the best ratio of Caapi:Mimosa is a worthwhile experience; this has been my medicine of choice of years. 120g Caapi : 2g Mimosa is a personal six hour "sweet spot." I have *never* gotten headaches this way. Mimosa in excess can be extremely rough, but there never seems to be an end to the amount of Caapi one can work with safely (psychology, intentions, and set-setting handled responsibly).

So, that is just what I have to offer based on my experiences...

Also, how are you preparing the Mimosa? There are many roads that lead to Rome, but since Caapi requires 3 x 3 hour washes (9 hrs. total, filtering once every three hours), it is most practical to prepare Mimosa alongside (*separately,* never together!!), and do a 3x3 cook on that as well. The results are horrendously tannic, but wonderfully potent. 2-3g (usually half that) can take you on multiple peaks through hyperspace, there is really no need for so much material.

Another thing about cooking Mimosa is the sludge. After cooking, do you decant? Dark, oily sludge will separate and stick to the bottom of the jar. After cooking, I would allow the Mimosa at least one day to sit, so all the sludge can fall out, and then it is best to filter through a cheesecloth/pantyhose. I've never had the nerve to bioassay it myself, but I've heard reports that too much sludge can leave people feeling awful.

Mimosa may not be a traditional admixture, but once you learn how to tune in and find the ratios that work for you, it is an AMAZING plant teacher. Incredible personality. My deepest revelations have been with the illumination of Mimosa. I have much respect for Chacruna, but it is, unfortunately, at least 10x more expensive. :(

Sedation is perfectly normal. The spirit of Aya is not fully descended upon you if you are still able to sit up or wiggle around... ;)
Try chacruna instead. Mimosa feels toxic to some people, including SWIM. It is unpleasant orally for SWIM. He uses either chacruna or chaliponga, or pure alkaloids. NO mimosa tea for SWIM. He'd rather never use psychedelics again than use mimosa orally. That’s how badly toxic it feels to SWIM.
What(or when) did you eat before the trip?

I want to know if your toxic experience really coming from unknown
compounds in the mimosa / rue, or maoi reaction.

I have rue seeds, but now I'm bit scared.:p
SWIM did eat before all of these headache in retrospec, but nothing that is on the "do not eat on MAOI list" interesting...
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