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Missing Major Tom.

Migrated topic.


Ziggy Stardust &tSfM was the first rock and roll album I ever bought.
Saddened to hear of his departure.

"The planet earth is blue, and there's nothing I could do"

Been a tough month for R&R.

Peace to Bowie and to Lemmy.

That would have been five years before my earliest opportunity, in '80, but alas couldn't get tix.

'75? That was the tour with the cherry picker space oddity sequence, yeah ? Heard awesome boots!
What a sour note to close 2015 and start the new year.. :cry:
I only really got into Bowie's music a year or two ago, but it's had a huge impact on me. I'm especially fond of the early stuff: Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World. Also love the things he recorded with Lou Reed (Satellite of Love, etc.)

Sadly never got to see him live, though I was fortunate to see Motörhead play many times, as well as Hawkwind playing Space Ritual in its entirity a few years ago.

A personal Bowie favorite of mine:
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