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OK, so I did just that a few nights ago. I took 400mg of rue extract with the same 225mg dose of DMT. This was too intense. I guess I wasn't fully inhibited before.
No wonder:
Link --> Different forms of ingestion and dosages
Moderate/Strong dose: 30-200mg.. VARIES A LOT depending on individual metabolism!! Having taken other psychedelics is no indication on the dosage one will need for oral DMT use. First timers with oral DMT should start with 30-50mg, not more!!!...
Vine extract is much more forgiving like 500 mg no prob, but rue is another animal.
GoodApollo said:
OK, so I did just that a few nights ago. I took 400mg of rue extract with the same 225mg dose of DMT. This was too intense. I guess I wasn't fully inhibited before.

Maybe your experiences had not been about "not being fully inhibited", but about ... just too large dose or DMT :shock: (Frankly: I don´t feel I want to take more than 100mg ever in my life...)

GoodApollo: what were your previous experiences with oral DMT (in terms on mg dosage)?
As I stated before I worked myself up from a low dose 60mg with 3.5g rue tea. Over a period of weeks I kept increasing my dose, each time was a misfire aside from a mild harmalas trip.

I eventually reached 225mg dmt and 4g rue after wasting more spice than I care to think about.

I have been working under the assumption that because of my size/constitution I wasn't fully MAOI'd, therefore some of the dmt was being digested in my gut. before passing into my bloodstream.

I think this latest foray proved my hypothesis. I will begin again at a lower dose but keep the rue extract similar.
I reckon 150mg is a good solid strong dose for most people.

230mg is about my sweet spot for a really strong DMT dosage. I guess that would equate to 8-10 grams of dried mushrooms. Maybe 150mg would equate to 5-6 grams of dried mushrooms and 100mg 3-4 dried grams.

I guess what a lot of people may not understand is that this material can be really strong if you want to experience what it can offer.
The other day, took 3.5g of rue and ~200mg of DMT...I felt like I was dying...literally!!
intense vomiting (worse than any time in my life), diarrhea, and an uncontrollable thurst for water.
Mental effects were bizarre. My senses would switch between limbs, feeling my legs through my arms, and vice-versa.
The sensations were also delayed from when I visually saw the feelings occur.
A silver lining was the great bath I took after the CRAZY INTENSE effects.
I could see ninjas dancing in a shroud of spirals, and I was floating in this raft in a cave, along with all these other rafts with shimmering bats made of fluro purple and pink.
In reality, I was just floating in a warm bath.
After that experience...I have no clue how 230mg can be a sweet spot...but I guess everyone is different.
I think the Harmala dosage is the variable factor in DMT dosage.
In future, will be far more cautious.
shanedudddy2 said:
...I think the Harmala dosage is the variable factor in DMT dosage...
Indeed, the maoi is no flipping switch between 100% On or OFF, but a gradient zone that can double the effects easily of the very same dose of light. Mentioning X grams of rue seeds is really no solid reference for how much harmalas one actually exactly processed. Weight of extracts comes closer, and then there is personal sensitivity to the maoi impact.
I prefer drinking ayahuasca. The one time I tried pharmahuasca I did 200 mg white spice I had extracted from mimosa with 300 mg harmalas from syrian rue. The reason I started with this dose is because I've drank ayahuasca brewed with 20g mimosa on several occasions and figured it would be weaker than that since it didn't have jungle spice included and I was pulling 1.5-2% white spice from this bark.

The experience was completely different than what I was used to. Normally on higher doses I can look off into these other worlds but still see normal reality in the background. I didn't see other worlds this time. Visually it wasn't the most impressive, but I got kind of delusional. I kept thinking there where people in my house as well as several other things that looking back made no sense. The thing that really scared me about this is that I felt like I was thinking straight and at the time didn't realize how crazy I was acting. Luckily I had a good sitter.

Like I said nothing like this has ever happened to me while drinking larger doses of whole plants brewed up together. Normally I'll get immersed in visions, but I can still see normal reality behind it. Things might look a little warped or covered in strange patterns, once I saw someone's pupils take over their whole eyes until there eyes where two black holes and then they grew horns, but I never felt delusional afterwards and I never thought there was anything in this physical reality that wasn't actually there.

I have never done pharmahuasca again and don't plan to. I've done ayahuasca that should have larger doses of dmt in it several times after this and I have yet to have a similar experience.
Your right. I definitely endured some hellish experiences like that, but I feel like I learned a lot from them. I also had amazing experiences on the opposite end of the spectrum where I encountered warm loving entities that would show me things when they felt I was ready to see them. I got to a place where I could ask questions then see answers.

After doing that a good couple times I found it easier to get my mind to slip into that place at lower doses. I haven't felt the need to do that large of a dose for awhile now.

I didn't start off taking doses like that and I wouldn't recommend it (at first I would do 10 g at a time), but it led to some of the most amazing experiences I've had and I feel like I gained far more insight from them than my one experience with pharmahuasca.

Is half an hour too long to wait between oral harmine and oral dmt?

This is my first attempt at a pharma experience - I weigh 145 lbs and at the moment this is where I'm at...

T: 00h00 - oral dose of 80 mg harmine freebase
00h10 - ate a snack
00h20 - very slight effects, I'm "off baseline" but just barely
00h35 - smoked some enhanced leaf, the usual sub-breakthrough black-and-white CEV's - during the comedown some faint colourful CEV's (not attributed to dmt but to harmine?)
01h10 - oral dose of 100 mg harmine freebase
01h40 - oral dose of 100 mg dmt freebase
01h55 - (now) smoking a joint (tobacco + sativa)(which doesn't taste like always - the tobacco tastes like crap - because of harmine?)

Should I eat something? Did I wait too long for the oral dmt dosage?
I'm wondering when things will start happening...

T: 02h10 - slight tension in my jaws (clenching) and the back of my neck/base of my skull (from the tobacco in my joint?) - slight euphoria, light-headedness

I also just realised that this might not be the most appropriate place for this post so if any mod feels inclined to move it to another more appropriate thread...

T: 02h30 - pretty confident by now that half an hour was too long between oral harmine and oral dmt... I'm not sure if I want to try to redose on harmine again in order for a second attempt at dosing dmt orally... I'll try smoking some enhanced leaf in a short while, but I think it's safe to say that this experiment has failed... Hopefully next time...
Jorkest said:
i really dont get this...why do people always wait to take dmt after the harmalas??

i take some of the lowest doses i hear about on the forum ...and still get powerful effects...and i ALWAYS take the harmalas and the dmt at the same time...ALWAYS...

for a mild but solid trip..i take 100mg harmine with 20mg dmt fumarate..in ONE capsule..i make sure the harmine and dmt are mixed up well in the capsule so that when you digest the capsule there is harmine around the dmt to protect it in the gut...it also aborbs into the blood stream at the same time as the dmt..thus protecting it in the blood stream as well

also..i like to take the capsule after eating a small amount of food...this gets the stomach digesting which keeps a lot of nausea at bay(body is just thinking FOOD and not POISON)..and also sorta slows down the comeup(i am very sensitive to oral dmt..so it kicks in very very fast if i dont do this)

but ive done this dozens of times and havent misfired once...
Pharma Fail - Help please... - Pharmahuasca - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
Thank you very much Parshvik...

I intended to take the dmt only 10 minutes after the harmine but walking the dog took a bit too long...

Next time I will follow the advice you so kindly provided...

Thanks again...

I took 150mg sublingually tonight at 10pm. -Very bitter not sour, doesn't taste like salt contamination.

I'm going to over the next few days experiment with harmala only doses. I have extracted over 3,500mg.
I want to see at what does it becomes psychedelic, and at what dose I become nauseas.
I will incorporate dmt eventually.

10:30pm I ate 2 PB&Js on hamburger rolls.


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1:11AM No effects physically or mentally.

Not disappointed in the least, just one step closer to finding the accurate dosage.

Tomorrow night I will take 300mg sublingually.

Should I edit this specific post with updated information? or should i continuing replying on the thread? as each night passes?
Wait...your taking that amount sublingually? and still not getting any affects?? That does sound weird...Are you sure your doing it right? That should be a very strong dose sublingually.

I don't recommend doubling the dosage just yet. Maybe try eating them first (and without chasing it with sandwiches)
No food or drink until 1pm. 3 cups of coffee with cream until until 5pm when I had a small bowl of chicken soup.
This among entering my stomach started the churning and nose making. It upset my stomach and I had to use the bathroom.

This was either from last nights 150mg of extract or today's dietary schedule. Though I have not had the runs in quite a long time, so attribute it to last nights dosage.

(sorry for my straight forwardness, but I want to be very detailed, it may help someone else.)

6pm I took 300mg sublingually.

7:15pm No effect


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