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Tryptamines and Remembering Experiences/Dreams

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Hello all.

So it's been a while since I've been on here.
As mentioned in my initial post I used to have an account but have long forgotten it.

When I rejoined I did so because I want to provide something useful.

It seems most things I can think of have already been covered so I'll share something I've noticed over the past year...

When I first started with DMT it was your typical "OMG I can't believe this is happening" and then 5 minutes after "uhhh ... what just happened?"; I couldn't remember!

Over time I've noticed that while "coming out" of an experience I get a yawning fit and teary eyes just as if I'd woken from a deep sleep. I started to think about DMT experiences in a way like dreams... not that I'm saying DMT is tied to dreaming - we've all seen those theories I'm sure - but rather that to remember the experience you can't be too "wowd" by it but must instead while "waking up" reiterate the experience over and over in your head.

By doing this time after time I've been able to remember all of my experiences without even trying anymore. It's like my brain's gotten used to the routine and somehow I remember even my most far-gone experiences as easy as anything else.

I try to do the same with my dreams but as I run my own business from home work tends to be the first thing on my mind when I wake up and I usually go straight for the computer.

I love my dreams though, almost as much as psychedelic experiences. I have normal dreams and then insanely vivid/weird dreams that strike me in a way like tryptamine experiences do and these dreams I love to try to remember.

Vaporized DMT can be too fast to get a lot of use from it I find and I'm sure many others have too so aside from it I've toyed with mushrooms many many times.

During DMT experiences I've noticed accidental "flashes" of a bunch of past dreams. I've found that if I focus on one of my stronger feeling dreams from the past then a bunch I've forgotten will flash through my memory.

Mushrooms are no different but it's a lot slower so easier to control.
If there was a dream recently that I have forgot but know I wanted to remember I think back to the feelings and tad bit of memory I do have from that morning waking and poof - the whole dream flashes back through. It almost takes me into a slightly altered trance.

From there I can "chain remember".. I can go from dream to dream to dream remembering many recent ones - and from long ago - that I knew I wanted to remember but didn't take the time to the morning of.

I'm also epileptic. Some of my grand-mal seizures leave me with some of the most profound out of body type experiences but they're also very hard to remember. Tryptamines seem to be able to pull that memory back too.

The point of this was just to share a little experience and maybe aid someone if they're having a hard time remembering past dreams. It can also be done to remember past psychedelic experiences a person's forgot and I'm sure it could be used for much more.

So, there's some random information for you.

Good day all!

ADDED: By the way when I say "remember" it's not just memory. It's almost like reliving them. If you enjoy your dreams and tryptamines maybe you'll find some use from this.
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