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You were you are

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For all those who have ventured, wondered, explored, experienced, loved and yearned for....this is for you....

You Were You Are by Mary Jo Bang

Fragile like a child is fragile
Destined not to be forever.
Destined to become other
Here I am
Sitting on a chair, thinking
about you. Thinking
about how it was to talk to you.
How sometimes it was wonderful
And sometimes it was awful.
How drugs when drugs were
Undid the good almost entirely.
But not entirely
Because good always could be seen
Glimmering like lame glimmers
In the window of a shop
Called Beautiful
Things never last forever.
I loved you. I love you. You were
And Are. Life is experience.
It is all simple. Experience is
The chair we sit on.
The sitting. The thinking
Of you where you are a blank.
To be filled
In by the missing. I love you
I love you like I love
all beautiful things.
True beauty is seldom.
You were. You are.
In May. May now is looking onto
the June that's now coming up.
This is how I measure the year
Everything was my fault.
Has been the theme of the song
I've been singing.
Even when you told me to quiet,
I haven't been quiet.
I've been crying. I think you
Have forgiven me. You keep
Putting your hand on my shoulder
when I'm crying
Thank you for that. And
For the ineffable sense
of continuance. You were. You are
the brightest thing in the shop window
And the most beasutiful seldom I ever saw.
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