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caapi leafs vs vine

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hi everyone,

i was wondering what difference it there is if i use caapi leafs or shredded vine for ayahuasca?

thanks for your help
I always thought the alkaloid content was a lot lower in the leaf, but here's an interesting link:

I imagine a leaf brew wouldn't taste as nice though :)

Also I can't find a source for this, but I have heard that the THH content in the leaf is significantly lower than the vine. May be hearsay but I'm just throwing it out there.

Also, I've heard that the leaves weren't used as much because they are quite tannic in comparison, don't take my word for it as I have no personal experience regarding this.

They could still be used for a smoking blend or changa, but for brews and caapi alkaloid extractions the vine is clearly superior.
I don't see why the leaf couldn't be used. I have made tea from just the leaf, and it produced the same effect as Harmalas always have for me. I don't know if it was enough to activate dmt, but I could definitely feel the harmalas.

As far as the taste, it's not bad. Brewed as is, with no added acids like vinegar, and you actually have a decent tea.
You can brew with leaf, though it'll be a decent amount of leaf.

I stick with vine for brewing and leaf for straight caapi leaf joints [or my changa blends]. The caapi leaf joints are nice to smoke during the comedown of mushrooms or during the peak. Also really nice to smoke during cannabis tokin. Also, caapi leaf joints for hikes are almost mandatory for me, especially on nice sunny days.

Caapi leaf also can be a nice extra bit of admixture to a brew. I especially like throwing in 8-10g of leaf in with a rue/mimosa brew. Powerful.

I also like to do small doses of caapi leaf [5-10g] for a nice tasting tea, chock-full of glowing soul food.
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