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Please help the extraction rookie

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Hey guys,

i need some help. I've been searching for 2 hours now but i can't find answers for some of my questions.

I want to extract DMT from MHRB with the Nomans Tek. Now i came across some reviews where i saw that some guys are using distilled water. Do i have to use it or is it going to be okay with tap water ?

Second thing is... When i'm going to seperate the two layers of the solution i'll let the Naphta evaporate to nealry as much as a third of it's volume and then close the collecting jar and put it in the freezer. Do i have to close it ? What if i leave it opened?

And the last thing is a question about the chemistry. If i'm going to wash the freebase with sodium Carbonate, what is the SC exactly going to do?

Hope to find some answers.

Thank you guys
Hey :)

Yes you can use tap water of course if it is clean and drinkable(in my country it isn't)

If you don't close it 2 things will happen your freezer will be contaminated with naphtha and water will condense inside the jar causing some problems when drying the dmt..

Freebase DMT is not soluble in a solution of sodium carbonate and impurities like if you pulled some lye and plant material(sometimes undetectable with eye) are soluble, so when u wash with SC these impurities are washed away and the dmt is more pure..

Hope this was helpful

Good luck on your extraction :)
Thank you Sakkadelic.
Yeah that's helpful! And it came pretty fast.
Thanks again mate
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