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Please review the article I wrote about diet and ayahuasca.

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I would appreciate any feedback new or experienced members of The DMT Nexus could give me about the article I wrote about ayahuasca for my news blog. Please help me with grammar, spelling, and content. I want to make sure I am giving people the correct information about ayahuasca in my news blog. Thank you for any help you can give me.

This link is to help me get metrics for my blog: http://bit.ly/2jhBicq
For people uncomfortable with following shortened links here is a direct link to my blog: http://www.psychedelifoodforthought.org/ayahuasca-ceremony/

I just want to make sure that the information that I am proving about ayahuasca is accurate.

I am new to posting to the forum so please help me understand any DMT Nexus netiquette so I can improve the quality of my next post. :)


Preparation of Ayahuasca for use in an Ayahuasca Ceremony, province of Pastaza, Ecuador. (Photo: Wikimedia/Terpsichore)
Hi there Mike3620! Welcome to the DMT Nexus!

I had a look at your blog post, and I must say, very good article overall. It's very good work that you're doing, spreading the word about the benefits of ayahuasca. We all know that's sorely needed in our society.

That being said, I did spot a few grammatical errors in your blog post.
I think you don't need the hyphen here.
They are way too many
Replace "they" with "there".
rain forest
This should be one word.
and the dangerous of adverse drug interactions during the ceremony.
Replace "dangerous" with "dangers"
People with high blood pressure need to get their blood pressure is under control because having a high blood pressure when drinking ayahuasca carries the risks of causing a hypertensive emergency.
Fix this.
Ensuring not to use drugs which would react badly with a MAO-I
This too.

That's all I could spot, hope that helps!:thumb_up:

Here are some good articles to help "beef up" your blog post hehe.

With regards to DMT Nexus etiquette, you should check out the Attitude page in the top banner of this site.

Best of luck to you my friend!
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